Hello there!

This post marks the start of something for me, although even as I say this, I’m trying to understand how anything changes at all.

Nothing changes.

Not on this blog, it won’t.

Well, here’s to making it to post 200 successfully!

Why not start this second set of hundred, loud, noisy, and energetic right?Gomez

Here’s Gomez for you with Get Miles.

At this point, I think I should mention that this entire playlist is an accumulation of songs I’ve listened to in the past two weeks and thought to myself “Why not share this?”

Honestly, I was surprised I hadn’t shared anything by Gomez in a while.

FIVE ORANGE Armanda Gallo G248.jpgThe next song I have for you is a classic I’m sure you’ve heard sometime before. I don’t think there’s a lot of people out there who haven’t heard of Peter Gabriel, Phil Collins, or their super-group Genesis.

And from all the hit Genesis songs that I realize I could’ve instead shared, I decided I’ll give you Tonight, Tonight, Tonight this time.

I’ve always admired Phil Collins for the very talented musician that he is, but his voice in this song stands apart from the rest.

So my brother and I have always enjoyed listening to music from the good old 70s, be it Elton Johnwhatever genre. Elton John is one of those artists we’ve followed since a really long time as well. And very recently, I came across this MTV Unplugged version of his song Benny and the Jets, and I found that I just couldn’t get enough of how good a pianist this man is!

I mean, sure, he’s up there on that list of The Best Rock/ Pop Pianists of All Time, but watching him in this gig had me mesmerized beyond words could describe. Geez, what a performer!

(There might also have been drool.)

(Also, I don’t think I’ve seen anyone else looks so smashing in hot pink before.)

Robert PlantI  now have none other than The Man Robert Plant with Ship of Fools.

I’ve always enjoyed this song quite casually (not overly fond of it), but the other night, after a long day of work, listening to it felt really really good, and so I decided I should share.


I just realized that I’ve had a very British playlist so far.

Electric Lights Orchestra now with Living Thing.Electric Lights Orchestra

This song is just so much fun, I can’t think of any other way to describe it.

Right from the lyrical quality, to the musical arrangement, to the vocal parts and arrangements- this song is three and a half minutes of beautifully orchestrated fun.

Also, there’s something about those backing voices isn’t it? Almost like there’s a conversation they’re having.

Had enough of the Brit scene?

I’ve now got American grunge super-group from the 90s, Mad Season, with Wake Up.Mad Season

I’ve never been able to decide how I feel about Mad Season, Alice in Chains, and Layne Staley.

The confusion is because Layne plays a central role in all of it, and is also pretty important in my eyes (or ears) while I listen to either of the bands he was in.

Personally, I think I prefer Alice in Chains over Mad Season because, somehow, Staley seemed less lost for cause or damaged.


All that aside, his voice in Wake Up is simply… haunting.

The song itself is.

That’s playlist 101 for you. I’ll see you around.

Happy Listening!




I know I should feel more excited about my one-hundredth post coming out on this blog, but I think I’m a little sad about it because a large part of me holds myself responsible for how late this has been.

Anyway, turns out I’ve had this blog going for longer than I’d remembered (since 2014!), and for that, I do feel really glad. I’ve enjoyed every bit of writing this over the years, am glad I began doing it, and I hope to continue until I run out of songs to share.

Let me give you playlist #100 now.

This is probably my first Cliff Richard share here. I decided to give you a catchy number called Wired For Sound.

Cliff RichardTruth be told, I’m not a big fan of his music. But that said, he is an incredibly talented musician and I’ve found myself enjoying a good number of his more upbeat songs. Wired For Sound is one.

You’ve got to appreciate the lyrical quality and uniqueness of that melody line. I remember having a conversation with my Dad the first time I heard this song. I was confused and needed to clarify- “Dad, is it just me or is he singing about speakers?”

Turns out he really did sing about speakers.

I now have a really fun track by Fleetwood Mac called Forever.Fleetwood Mac

I’ve known this song a while but heard it recently and felt like adding it to this playlist.

I find it so interesting how vibrant in sound Fleetwood Mac were. On the one hand, Lindsey Buckingham brought a different colour to their music, and then there was Peter Green with a more bluesy approach to the song writing and musical arrangement itself.

I can’t take a side.

How many different versions/covers of Wonderwall have you heard?

Ryan AdamsWell as many as those may be, I hope you haven’t yet heard Ryan Adams’ version of it, because that’s what I’ve got for you right now.

I think I discovered Ryan Adams in all his raspy-voiced glory on Jango Radio’s mellow summer music station. Of all his music I heard, I liked this cover the best.

It’s come to the point where I prefer this version over all others, and am considering covering it myself.

Something smooth again, with Ilya, the English downtempo and electronica geniuses.Ilya

This track is called Soleil Soleil.

So here’s something interesting about this group-

Ilya have often been compared to Zero 7 and other post-2000 downtempo acts, whilst also being considered as continuing the trip hop tradition, originated in Bristol in the 1990s.

The pair has been self-producing most of their music ever since then, in their home studio near Bristol.

I’m still unsure if this was a good idea or not, but something told me, as a musician, and this being my 100th, I should share something by … well … me.

I’m sharing with you my cover of Up Where We Belong.

MeHere’s the story- I’d recorded this video and cover for my Dad (who loves this song) for his birthday not so long back. I suddenly decided on the morning of his birthday’s eve that this is what my gift would be, hurriedly looked for sheet music, and then put together a voice and piano rendition of my own (several tweaks were made all along the song to suit my vocal range, ability to play and sing; and those general alterations you make as you go along trying to cover something.)

The original song is written by Joe Cocker (one of Dad’s favourites) and Jennifer Warnes.

I hope you enjoy listening to this.

And that’s the one-hundredth playlist for you.

Happy Listening Folks!

Whoot! We Made 100!



I’ve taken a couple of days to put together some of the songs on this playlist, while some others were just thrown at me by YouTube. I hope you enjoy listening.

T RexFirst one is T Rex with Cosmic Dancer.

In case you didn’t know- T Rex is a British classic rock band from the 60s. They were active just about 10 years, but short as that stint was, they gave us a lot of great music.

My brother and I enjoy listening to a lot of classic rock music from the 60s, 70s and 80s, and T Rex is one among those artists we listen to quite frequently.

So this second song is one I chanced upon the minute I logged into my YoutTube. The Half Alivevideo thumbnail was curious enough, so I gave it a listen.

The music is great too.

It’s Half Alive with their single Still Feel.

So these guys are a brand new (2016) indie band, and if I’m right, the single “Still Alive” is VERY fresh (like this year, this month, fresh).

There’s nothing else I can offer as information unfortunately. Seems like I’m not the only one on the web trying to figure out where they came from.

Jorja SmithSo I’ve been following NPR’s Tiny Desk Concerts for a while and when the track On My Mind by Jorja Smith showed up on my recommendations, I loved it the minute I heard it.

Here’s me sharing this smooth, sexy-sounding arrangement with you.

Call me racist if you want, but nobody understands rhythm the way African-Americans do.

(P.S. The song ‘On My Mind’ is the first 3:15 seconds of the video I’ve shared. Or you could go ahead and listen to the entire Tiny Desk concert which is about 12 odd minutes.)

And now I have Leon Bridges with a track called Beyond for you.Leon Bridges

I think there’s something unique about all Leon Bridges’ music. They’re similar in the sense you’ll know that it’s him. But they all stand apart from each other as well.

Also, Leon Bridges has a really soothing voice.

Closing this playlist with a song I’ve enjoyed for several years now.

It’s The Corrs with Runaway.

The CorrsI think there’s something of an emotional connect I have with bands that create sounds like The Corrs do. It tugs at all the parts of me that scream Musician. And they’re also so close to home, in terms of what inspires their music I mean.

I’ve always enjoyed The Corrs’ music in Unplugged form over their album versions. Probably has something to do with the arrangement and the beauty of watching them play.

So that’s it from me for now. Enjoy this one. I’ll share a new playlist with you soon.

Happy Listening!


Hey there!

This post is coming to you super quick and it’s quite brief. I’m tired, and it’s late, but I see myself putting this off for another long week if I don’t share now.

Let’s go!

I WANTED to share this one TODAY. Probably the reason this playlist is also on time (in time).

Sufjan Stevens

I really love Sufjan Steven’s music, and his album Carrie and Lowell has been a masterpiece in so many ways. Just today, while listening to the track Blue Bucket of Gold, I rediscovered the beauty that this album is; and read myself its backstory which brought meaning to this particular song even more.

This entire album is so sad and joyous at the same time. It’s like a peaceful feeling of being liberated coming over you…

I think mellow’s the mood on this playlist. The second

Luke Sital Singh

song I have is by Luke Sital Singh and is called Benediction.

I discovered Luke very recently (it’s only been a month) while tuned in to an easy listening playlist on Jango. Loved his voice, loved the lyrics, loved the feel.

And I’d like to share this with you.

Bright Eyes

And now another I discovered the same way I found the previous song.

This one is called First Day of My Life and is by Bright Eyes.

I like how this song always makes me smile. It’s a cute, delightful little piece that talks about being stupidly happy in love, and it reminds me of being carelessly happy. And of being young.

So I heard an MTV Unplugged version of Seal’s Crazy but thought I’d share the


original with you instead. Plus, I really wanted to listen to the original Myself. It’s been that long.

Watching the music video from now (so 90s!), and I’m wondering about when Seal stopped having all that hair. And now I’m wondering about how much I’ve aged if this music from my childhood is sooo yesterday.


While on the topic of my childhood, here’s another I remember from back then. It’s Jamiroquoi with Love Foolosophy.

The video is nothing fascinating, but I really love how catchy the entire track is. His voice is also pretty awesome.

Enjoy away.

Well, I’ll sign out now and get myself some shut eye.

Happy listening!



Here’s a real quick, super-awesome playlist I’ve put together for you. I had plans for another, but nevermind that now. I’ll surprise you with that later.

Martina Topley BirdLong story short- I had no music on my phone for about two months and depended solely on streaming services such as Jango and TuneIn.

The result? I’ve discovered a whole bunch of artists I hadn’t known before and that excites me so much!

Martina Topley Bird is one of those artists I’ve just discovered, and her song Poison is something I cannot get enough of at the moment. Too bad it’s so short.

Listening to Sade again recently brought me a flood of pleasant memories from backSade in the day. When Sade was real popular.

I’d like to share with you the same song that brought the memories all back- By Your Side.

I’ve listened to this song about four times just now. Nope. Still not getting enough of her voice.

I now have an interesting piece of work called Sati by British vibraphonist and percussionist Lewis Wright.

Lewis WrightI think I chanced upon this and boy! am I glad I did. It’s really cool how non-mainstream instruments like the harp, melodica or even the vibraphone are getting the attention they deserve now.

I’m not sure why this track is named Sati, but I like the sound. Definitely following Lewis Wright for more of his work.

Remember ABBA? Well of course you do! Who would ABBAever forget the undying, fresh sounds that ABBA gave us over 40 years ago? Nothing compares to it even now.

I love the memories I associate with every ABBA song I listen to. The collection on mp3 CD… played mostly in our first car… and we had our favourites- me some, my brother some others.

Sigh… Good times…

This one’s called The Name of The Game.

Jason mrazI’d like to close with a real lively number by Jason Mraz, called Make It Mine.

Jason’s music is something else. It’s got everything you’d think a track would need, in just the right amounts. And they’re unique as much as they’re all similar in terms of style. I called it the “Jason Mraz swing thing”. I mean, it’s not always swing, but then again, it is(?)

This one fascinates me in particular because of how beautifully balanced the orchestrated score is. That brass section is something else! Makes me wish I played the trumpet or something.

That’s #97 for you. Hope you enjoy it!

Happy Listening!


Hey there!

I know it’s been a while since my last share, but to be fair, I did try to squeeze this one in some time earlier. My devices have been giving me a trying time, and with all that happening, I decided to just let the phase pass before I shared again.

Here’s an exciting playlist #96 for you-

I’ve been following Zero 7 for a while now. Good Lord! How I love all their music! QuiteZero 7 recently though, while in a cab and wading through Bengaluru’s rough sea of traffic, I found myself enjoying Pop Art Blue like I’d never heard it before. There’s no doubt that Zero 7 taps into a very unique blend of voice and instruments to create this brilliant stuff.

Also, Martha Tilston’s smooth voice and evident English accent is such a damn tease!

Still in that state of mind, I give you Zero 7 with Pop Art Blue.

Remember the boy band decade? Okay, remember Westlife?

Barry ManilowI’ve been listening to their version of Mandy for a long time now. I like listening to a lot of their work, but Mandy stood out. I decided to share with you Barry Manilow’s original of that very song.

There really is no comparing either version of the song. Manilow wrote a beautiful love ballad, and listening to his voice and his song, I find so much emotion flowing through it. While Westlife didn’t ruin the song, I reserve judgement on whether or not their cover did justice.

I’m a 90s kid, so no matter how much of any other decade of music you throw at me, The Toadiesthe 90s will resonate the most.

I remember the song Tyler by The Toadies playing occasionally on “Bob”, WorldSpace Satellite Radio. If nothing else, this song made the playlist because of how much of the 90s feel it brings along with it.

But if you really need another reason, I think it’s a good song.

Here’s another one for you, not exactly from the 90s, but not that far from it either.

AnastaciaIt’s Anastacia with her hit Left Outside Alone.

I remember listening to this one on Worldspace as well, but something brought the song back to me recently.

Aside from the memories of hearing the song back then, I realised that Anastacia has an insanely cool voice.

I’ve been listening to it since.

My first Jorge Drexler song was Al otro lado del rio, and while I’m still not over that initial head-over-heels feeling for that song, I’ve already gone and found another Jorge Drexler song to feel the same way about. This one is called Bolivia.Jorge Drexler

I think the one disappointing thing about this song is that it’s over in four minutes.

That’s four. very. quick. minutes.

I mean, this song is like a carnival in my head. It’s got all the right levels of pick-me-up and adrenaline-rush and let’s-partay! But before you’ve fully indulged your senses, it’s over.

P.s. Keep a keen ear on the bass section and the brass section that joins in sometime around 2:50.

I decided to include this song as a footnote at the end of this playlist, because it’s not something I would normally do.

Share a song that’s up and current, I mean.

Childish GambinoI’m talking about Childish Gambino’s This Is America, which has been doing rounds since a couple weeks, grabbed my attention, and now I can’t stop thinking about how good it is.

For a lot of reasons.

One, it’s a statement that needed to be made. An issue that needed to be addressed.

Two (and coming from the musician in me), this track is astounding from a creative arts POV. That video speaks for itself plenty, but if you listen to the song by itself (audio only), it’s sinister, dark, and very VERY sensory.

I’ve had this one on loop since it came out. I’ll let you know when it wears itself out (if it ever will).

I hope you enjoy #96. I’ll share with you again real soon.

Happy Listening!


Another Sunday where I found time to do nothing but laze around and indulge in some me-time and me-care.

And of course, share a new playlist with you. Here you go- https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLQxQirKqoL15otArSTbs0UC3xnjf4wyQn

I am also quite frustrated with how slow the internet is today, so this post will be brief and quick because my patience has run out already.

The first song I’d like to share is a classic I’m listening to right now- Queen, with It’s A QueenKind Of Magic.

I think I’ve shared one or two other Queen songs here in the past so I won’t go on and on about why classic bands and classic songs such as this will perpetually remain Classics.

Enjoy the song!

Mulatu AstatkeIt’s time for the second share now, and I’ve fixed myself a nice hot cup of ginger tea. The song is Mulatu Astatke’s Metche Dershe.

I recall listening to the sounds of Mulatu Astatke like it was only yesterday. A friend back in campus shared his jazz collection with me, and while all of it was good, what I heard from this Ethiopian jazz artist astounded me.

Still does.

I now have Francisco Tárrega playing you a classical guitar piece called Capricho francisco-tarrega.jpgárabe.

I chanced upon Francisco Tárrega only by accident not so long ago. I’ve been exploring jazz and classical artists a little more off late, and YouTube promptly thought I ought to take a listen to this one and threw it onto my screen. Well played YouTube. Keep doing it just the way you are, oh yes.

So I thought it would be interesting to throw Rage Against The Machine in here. I don’t know why. I like keeping it quirky and alive that way.

Rage Against The MachineI decided on a classic number called Killing In The Name.

I’ll be honest about this one- I’ve heard it a hundred, thousand times maybe, but it just NEVER gets old. At all. And the best part- it still appeals to me just the same as it did the first time I heard it.

I also love how it gets me all pumped up. Whoo!

On another completely non-related topic, my ginger tea turned out a little too spicy. Phew! I’m not sure which part of my trachea I can feel all the burn coming from.

Remember how I’ve been talking about discovering jazz artists because YouTube Ahmad Jamalkeeps suggesting? Well Ahmad Jamal is one artist I discovered the same way very recently. He’s a simply brilliant jazz pianist who I regret not knowing about much earlier. I loved what I was hearing and decided right there that I would share one of his tracks soon.

So sharing with you the last track on this playlist, is Ahmad Jamal’s One.

Well that’s it from me for now. Enjoy the playlist. I’ll talk to you soon.

Happy Listening!