Why hello there!

I’ve got a great up-beat playlist set for you this week, so let’s get right to it!

I’ve got James Gang for you first, with their hit from the early 70s, Funk #49.James Gang

Know what’s very interesting about this band? And I just found this out-

James Gang could credit a lot of its popularity and success to Joe Walsh, who joined and worked with the band for a period of about 4 years. That same Joe Walsh then went on to have a very successful career as a solo artist and as guitarist with The Eagles.

Michael JacksonDecided to give you Michael Jackson’s Butterflies now. I’ve shared Michael Jackson on here plenty of times and so I’m not going to say too much to drone on about how much I regard the man as a musician. Evergreen music, his.

It might be safe to say Michael Jackson sometimes gives me Butterflies with his music.

More classic rock coming your way. This one is Brit band Bad Company with that hugely popular hit Rock Steady.Bad Company

Funnily enough, the same could be said for the guys over at Bad Company. They’ve been going “rock steady” since the early 70s now.

Here’s an interesting fact about the band for you-

Bad Company and Led Zeppelin have more than place of origin in common- they both had (have?) Peter Grant as band manager.

BjorkThis next one is my favourite track on this playlist (to be honest, it’s been a favourite on my personal, extensive playlist for a long time too).

It’s Björk with Human Behaviour.

Here’s a list of things I LOVE about Björk-

  1. Her voice. OH MY GOD that voice!
  2. She’s strange, quirky, eccentric, and doesn’t care, and it shows in her music, which is simply awesome.
  3. She’s creative. Very. Doesn’t that song video say plenty?
  4. Her voice. OH MY GOD that voice!!

I’m closing this playlist off with Frédéric Chopin’s Nocturne No.20 in C# Minor.Chopin

There’s something about the simplicity of this track that mesmerizes me. Those left hand broken chords dot their way all through the different colours this piece exhibits. There’s also something to be said about how fluid Chopin’s transcend between major and minor scale is all through the piece.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this very vibrant and positive-sounding playlist I’ve given you. I’ll be talking to you shortly.

Until then.

Happy Listening!



Guess who’s back!

I’ve spent a good part of my day pouring over my past shares, sorting through the five hundred odd songs shared so far, and it brought back good memories of when I used to write here.

Well, now I’m back, and without further adieu, let’s get this playlist started!


Kicking things off is the American glam metal band Autograph with that 80s hit that they’re most famous for- Turn Up The Radio. What better song to give you after that super long hiatus right?

I love the raw energy that this song exudes; it most definitely reminds me of KISS.

The next track I’d like to give you is James Blunt’s Postcards.

James Blunt

I remember when James Blunt got extremely popular with his hit “You’re Beautiful”. I was in school then. Its popularity wore the song out instantly, and for a while, I just didn’t give James Blunt a chance. I’m glad I’ve rediscovered this man’s work now; there’s just so much music he’s created that’s worth listening to!


I’m throwing in some hard rock now American hard rock band from the 80s- Kix. The song is Don’t Close Your Eyes.

I found this track on a Greatest Hard Rock Tracks from the 80s collection and have loved it. I think I love it some more now because I just found out it’s supposedly an anti-suicide song.

Remember Macy Gray?

Macy Gray

Well, I do. She’s another artist who got popular while I was still in school. There was something about her voice and the song I Try that made me never tire of listening to it. Watching the video again now, it brings back such fond memories of simpler times, a simpler age, and MTV.

Anoushka Shankar & Karsh Kale

And to close this playlist, I’m giving you Anoushka Shankar and Karsh Kale with Burn. I’ve had this one on my mind for quite some time and I’ve been meaning to share it since then.

Welcome to the world of Indian Fusion.

I like the way this track makes me feel. There’s an overload of a mix of emotions I cannot comprehend, but it gives me goosebumps. And I like that.

Go ahead and enjoy playlist #90, world. I’ll put together the next five for you shortly.

Until then.

Happy Listening!

Did You Miss Me?


Forgive me world for I have delayed. My last blog post was… 14 months ago.

My sins during this period include, failure to dutifully share with the world music I discovered, failure in keeping my regular readers engaged, and a lethargy and aversion to writing this blog even though I knew I should.

As a penance, I’m going to have to live with the knowledge that I didn’t try enough.




Let me tell you all a story.

There’s a girl I know. I’ve known her a very long time.

Some might say there’s a dreamy way about her. She’s always been found dreaming of a better way things could be.

Some might even suggest that she lives in Utopia.


I, for one, fear this might be true.

The more I’ve gotten to know her, the truer this seems. And I’m not sure how to break it to her. That her world isn’t real.


But off-late, something very unusual has happened.


For so long I’ve watched this girl live in her bubble… Her Utopia.

For so long I’ve wondered how to bring her to terms with reality, without subjecting her to the shock of harsh change.

I worried for her. The longer she stayed in Utopia, the lesser her chances of coming to terms with the real world, the harder accepting change would get.


But, I suppose we can all be wrong sometimes…



What happened to our girl from Utopia?


I’ve watched her struggle to cope with what was my… our… realty, and I knew my worst fears for her were coming true.

But then, she got out. She did what I didn’t think could be done, and brought her utopian bubble down to realty.


She’s happy there. Living in her world in our world. I see her now, doing only what she loves… Only what she’s passionate about, indifferent but not entirely ignorant of the shabby, disturbing world she’s surrounded by, and I don’t think she’s ever been better.

Truth be told- I think she’s doing better than many others I know, who have always known what was and what was not realty.


As for me? I don’t know what’s real anymore.

This girl from Utopia has shown me something…

…That your reality is always going to be what you want it to be. Period.


Hey there world!

So I was travelling in my new city in a cab the other day, thinking about how I’ve been failing this blog, and as I considered how I could continue writing this, I began taking down notes in my head. Something told me a relatable story would be a great way to reboot the blog.

I’ll talk to y’all real soon (with a great playlist, just like old times).

Until then.




As per what I had planned sometime during the start of the month, there should have been at least three shares before Christmas, but I was only able to manage one. The one I’m sharing today, was put together sometime last week but I didn’t find time to share it. I’ve decided to stick to the same playlist- Christmas carols included.

Season’s Greetings folks!

Here’s a really fun song to kick things off. It’s Beirut with the song Scenic World. I beirutremember hearing this one not so long back, and loving how positive it made me feel. That accordion riff is so catchy and mood-enhancing. Makes you envision dancing around in a street while talented street-musicians treated you to a song quite similar to this.

Beirut is an American band which was originally the solo musical project of Santa Fe native Zach Condon, and later expanded into a band. Beirut’s music combines elements of indie-rock and world music.


Next up is Stevie Ray Vaughan with Pride and Joy.

srvI’ve known this song for really long, unsure why I didn’t share it before. Most of what I share depends on how I feel and how the song makes me feel. There are times I feel suddenly inspired to add a song to a playlist; a song I would have listened to over a thousand times before, but wouldn’t have been inspired the same way.

Ahh… I love how magical music can be.

Pride and Joy is a great piece of work if you’re looking into technical guitar finesse. The riff is so catchy, and those fillers add so much more appeal to the entire song. There’s a lot of George Thorogood in that style of playing.

Portishead is something else.portishead

Strange sort of way to start off I know, but I was just expressing exactly what I felt as I listened to The Rip– the song I’m sharing with you.

I’ve been exploring Portishead’s work with a little more interest and attention to detail, and my findings astound me. I am not only enjoying their work more, but am really getting drawn to the beautiful portrayal of darkness in all their music.

the-cardigansAnd now I have The Cardigans for you with Lovefool.

This one is really popular so I’m willing to bet you’ve heard it before. Heard it again recently and thought, “why not put this on a playlist. It’s a fun song, and should help bring back good memories of the 90s.”

This next song that I’m sharing with you holds a very special place in my heart, so treat it machine-headwell.

It’s Machine Head with Descend The Shades of Night.

If my memory serves me right, my first encounter with this brilliant piece of work was about 12 years ago. I remember listening to it extensively and intimately over earphones, and I can still remember the goosebumps it gave me then.

None of that has changed till date.

I have of course explored Machine Head more, but this one is the best in my opinion. I would like to go ahead and give you my detailed opinion on the track, but I might ruin it for you.

So instead, I’ll suggest you listen to the track the way I did. And give it a good chance. Even if it isn’t your genre, it should impress you.

cloutI now have South African band Clout with their song Save Me.

My brother introduced me to this song rather recently, and I was drawn to it instantly. Not only is the song catchy, it’s got a lot of ABBA element to it, and I really enjoy the diction on these women singing! 😀

Okay. I’m listening to it right now as I type this bit, and I have decided, I really like this song. Repetitive as it may be, it isn’t tiring itself out on me.

Sufjan Steven’s Joy To The World is the sufjan-stevenscarol I just didn’t have to heart to take off the list, despite the appropriateness of it being lost a little. The version is by far one of the most beautiful renditions I have ever heard (maybe this has something to do with how I think all Sufjan Steven’s music is the most beautiful sounding).

My brother and I attempted to put together our cover of this over guitar, piano, and voice (with just about 10 minutes of practice), and while it comes nowhere close to the original’s perfection, it was still good to try and we enjoyed it.

george-michaelI decided to add in George Michael’s Faith to this playlist because 2016 managed to take another good, talented man, whose musical contributions have quite literally defined several genres, over at least three decades of music.

I chose Faith because this is one my friends and I love singing along to (even though we suck at it), and because of how fitting it seemed given its amazing lyrical quality, and general feel-good nature. And of course there’s George Michael’s amazing vocal abilities which I have always regarded as one of the finest.

I woke up to news of George Michael’s passing and it made me sad. These are artists I would have loved to watch performing live.

And that brings me to the end of playlist #90, also the last playlist for the year 2016. I’m glad to have ended the year with George Michael’s Faith. 🙂

Have a good end of the year everyone!

Happy Listening!



Hey there!.

Logged in to WordPress to put this piece together for you and my site tells me it’s been a month since my last post. Pity I wasn’t able to share this one sooner. While this post will remain shorter and crisper than usual, I’m promising you a good one. Go ahead and check it out- I’m sure you’ll like it.

This first song brings back such good memories for me. I’ve known it for longer than I can climax-blues-bandrecall, and I love every bit of it still!

It’s Couldn’t Get It Right by the Climax Blues Band.

For a typically classic rock band from the peak of the classic rock era, this song sounds way too contemporary. Not that I’m complaining though. I can’t in fact point out singular aspects that I love about it. I can however talk about the one thing that I don’t like- how short the song is.

the-bugglesLooks like the general direction this playlist is taking is one of an upbeat, jovial, and peppy mood. This second song I have for you is called Video Killed The Radio Star, and is by the British band The Buggles.

The song was originally recorded by Bruce Woolley and The Camera Club for their album ‘English Garden’. Haven’t had the opportunity to check that version out yet. The Buggles’ version is the only one I know, and I haven’t yet had too much of it.

Here’s another classic- this one from the early 1960s. It’s The Kingsmen with Louie Louie.The Kingsmen.jpg

I’ll be honest and tell you I don’t quite know how to describe this song or why I like it. Must be the bluesy-ness of it (Yes, let’s make that a word for now), or how unique it sounds. I have heard enough music over the course of my life time (which isn’t a lot of time, but is still a lot of music), but I have never heard anything that sounds quite like Louie Louie. Sometimes I have this song stuck in my head all day.

relient-k-4e1d0a4be567a.jpgLet’s travel forward in time from that last song, back to music we can relate to more because of the timeline. I have for you Relient K with their rendition of Silver Bells.

Yay! It’s Christmas! Whoot!

Relient K is a Christian contemporary band from the United States. I really dig their work. It appeals to me in so many ways. The only stuff that I’ve heard by the band is their collection of Christmas carols from the album ‘Let It Snow, Baby… Let It Reindeer’, but I’m pretty sure they sound just as fantastic in all their work.

Dio for you now with All The Fools Sailed Away.Dio.jpg I have brought up Ronnie James Dio’s Oh-so-awesome-I-can’t-get’enough-of-it voice before, so let me not dwell on it too much.

My God Man! His Voice!!

Not too many days back, I had the chorus of this song stuck in my head for over half the day. Easily one of the better days I spent that week.

I now hWhite Mambazo.jpgave a very interesting track for you. I wish I could recollect where and how I first heard it, but anyway. The important thing is I’m sharing this beautiful piece of work with the world.
The track is called Bazoyidela Inkani, and is by a South African choral group.

Here’s some trivia-

White Mambazo is a South African choral group consisting of the sons of Ladysmith Black Mambazo leader Joseph Shabalala, with his eldest son Nikosinathi leading the group. They sing in the traditional style of isicathamiya, like their parents in the above group. Formed in 1976 by Joseph and his late wife Nellie, the group came to local prominence in 1987, when they recorded a full album that October.


And to close this off, I have another carol (tis the season after all).celtic-thunder

Here’s Celtic Thunder with Our First Christmas Together.

I simply cannot get enough of this carol. It’s just so beautiful sounding, has just the right structure, the right words, and Damian McGinty’s voice (heart-eyes. Or whatever that emoji is called.)

So yeah, in the spirit of the season, of great music, and all that is right in the world, I hope you enjoy this one as much as I did.

That closes playlist 89. I only just now realised how close I am to 100 playlists. Whoa.

So anyway, I’ll talk to you soon.

Happy Listening!


#88, A Tribute.

Hello world.

In the wake of the world losing another musician who changed the world of music for the better, a close friend of mine suggested I dedicate a playlist to him. I knew that it would be the right thing to do, but decided to do a little better than that-

This playlist numbered 88, is a tribute to all those prominent musicians we lost this year- Musicians who really made an impact to the industry, and are no doubt huge contributions to how far the music industry has gotten today.

I chose to start off with Pete Huttlinger, a well known solo guitarist- famous for hispete-huttlinger finger picking and unique acoustic guitar deliveries- and also famous for performing with artists like John Denver and LeAnn Rimes.

I was looking for a track by Pete Huttlinger that would be just perfect to start a playlist off with, and I found his rendition of Stevie Wonder’s Isn’t She Lovely. Words wouldn’t do any justice to how beautiful this rendition is, so I’ll just let you explore the track as you listen. Feel free to lose yourself in it. There really is no other way to enjoy music like this.

mott-the-hoopleThe next song is English glam-rock band Mott the Hoople with their 70s hit called All The Young Dudes. The track is listed among the 500 Greatest  Songs of all time.

We unfortunately lost Dale Griffin, the band’s Dale Griffin.jpgnotable drummer, earlier this year. He was a founding member of the band, and has seen the group through all their years of success- quite literally being the rhythm that drove them on.

Interestingly, and I only found this out white looking up info to share with you, this song was written by David Bowie- an artist who is featuring later on this very same playlist.

Earth Wind and Fire.jpgWe also lost Earth, Wind & Fire’s unique, talented, and entertaining front-man Maurice White this year. And in memory of all the good disco songs they gave us, I’m sharing with you the band’s Boogie Wonderland.

Say what you want about the colourful Maurice White.jpgattires, the glam, the afros, or the heavy bell-bottom influence, this band is still everything that disco stood for in my opinion. I enjoy Earth, Wind & Fire to this date, and hope to do so for the rest of my life. The band also comprised some seriously talented musicians over their years, and explains why so much of their music is so memorable.

Merle Haggard.jpgMy dad was talking to me about Merle Haggard the other day. I didn’t know who he was, country music not being my strong suite, but I did give Merle Haggard’s music a listen. Among all the songs I heard, I decided to share with you I’m A Lonesome Fugitive.

Listening to this song, I can see why Merle Haggard got so popular. He has a unique countrygrass style, and a rich thick voice and diction. His music stood out during the peak of his career, between 1960 and 1980.

We lost Merle in April this year due to ill health and age.

Next up is a song I’ve grown up to. It’s Jefferson Airplane with White Rabbit.jefferson-airplane

This song is really interesting in so many ways. Let’s start with the music. It takes on this unique march tempo, and despite there not being a distinct riff, verse, or chorus, the structure the song takes is splendid. Another awesome thing is Grace Slick’s voice. There’s a rich huskiness to it that’s everything I have loved about Jefferson Airplane. On the contrary, I do hate that the song is really short. It barely touches two and a half minutes, which leaves me feeling so incompletepaul-kantner at the end of it.

Jefferson Airplane is credited with pioneering the psychedelic rock movement in America in many ways. This song White Rabbit is a good example. Paul Kantner, the band’s guitarist and founding member died at the start of this year, and it’s rather sad because of how much he contributed to the rock scene itself.

We also lost John Berry from The Beastie Boys earlier this year.

The Beastie Boys have always stood out as one of the mostthe-beastie-boys influential punk rock, electro rock, and rap rock bands that grew in the 80s and 90s decades, and if you spent some time exploring their music, you’d understand why. The track I’m sharing with you is called Intergalactic, is one of their most famous work, and is one of my favourite Beastie Boys songs.

John Berry.PNGWhile I maintain I am not a huge fan of electro, rap, or the punk music genres, The Beastie Boys did what they did well. Real well.

Hell, I enjoy this stuff.

RIP John Berry.

Glenn Frey was a founding member of The Eagles, and was also a huge success as a solo artist. We lost him this year, and I’m yet to cope with this.

Let’s just talk about The Eagles and how much they’ve influenced the rock, country-rock, glenn-freyfolk-rock, and ballad scene across the globe. Don Henley and the boys really put some of the best live performance acts together, and are what aspiring performers like myself aim to cover to their bench-marked perfection. It’s sad that if I ever do get to see an Eagles reunion tour in future, Glenn Frey will no longer be a part of it.

I remember listening to The Heat Is On since I was a child. I had no clue who the artist was, but that never really mattered. This was a lively dance number, and did its years on the charts, and I’m glad I spent a good part of my childhood listening to it.

I’ve now got David Bowie for you.

DAVID BOWIE AT THE CANNES FILM FESTIVAL - 1983I was conflicted about which song I wanted to share. In my opinion, the song Heroes isn’t Bowie’s best, but it just felt so right for all the appropriate sentimental reasons on this playlist, and so I chose to go with it.

I think Bowie’s death is one my brother and I took hardest, in comparison to all other artists I’ve featured on this playlist. His music still has a major share in our extensive collection, and we’ve always had these interesting takes about the man’s talent in music, art, film, and the like.

Yup. Heroes is the right song for this playlist. I’m sorry you’re gone Bowie.

We also lost Prince. I don’t think that loss is one to easily forget considering how much of princean influence Prince and his music were not just in the United States, but the world over.

The song I’m sharing is called Little Red Corvette. I chose this one because I think the song really stands out as one of the man’s best. It also really showcases why Prince was… well… Prince – The undisputed icon of funk and pop music.

I think it’s also important to address the way these two men (Bowie and Prince) influenced fashion over their more dominating years in the industry. Were they eccentric? I don’t know. Were they geniuses? I don’t really know this either. I guess the facts should speak for themselves. Icons don’t become icons for no reason.

P.s. I apologize for the terrible audio quality on this track. Couldn’t find a better version on YouTube.

Leonard Cohen.jpgI’m closing this playlist with Leonard Cohen and Hallelujah. Appropriate in a lot of ways I think.

I have helped people learn to play this one over piano for some years now, and to be honest, the song found a lot more meaning after Cohen’s unfortunate demise. I’ve also heard several versions of this one song- covers that are splendid in so many ways, they give you goosebumps- but it seemed fitting that I share with you The Man’s version.

After-note: Cohen is the artist my friend suggested I dedicate a playlist to, and while I may not have done exactly that, I believe this playlist should stand testament to all the good things that music really is and stands for, and all the artists who collectively make it what it is. We’ve got musicians all over the world touching and changing lives with the purity of their work, and I love that they can inspire me in so many ways.

And with that, I’ll say goodbye for now. I hope you enjoy listening to this playlist. I’ll be back soon with another.

Happy Listening!




I was up for real disappointment while putting together this week’s playlist. I’ve reached that stage where the number of songs I’ve shared are 14 songs short of 500, and I am starting to lose track of what I’ve already shared. Imagine that- Being real excited about sharing a song, and then noticing you’ve already shared it.

On the positive side- Yay! I’m touching 500 songs!

Take a look at what I’ve got for you this week-

After getting over the disappointment that I talked about earlier, I decided to instead sharethe-beach-boys with you I Get Around by the Beach Boys.

The Beach Boys are such fun music! I think it impossible to not succumb to the groove of any of their songs. On this one- my brother and I love singing and clapping along. And of course singing along with the highest vocal pitch.

whitesnakeUp next is a classic rock favourite by English 70s rock band Whitesnake. The song is called Love Ain’t No Stranger.

I can in no way compare or justify a comparison between the American and the British contribution to the rock scene. It would be unfair to do so. But it’s quite an interesting thing to note that despite several bands being distinctly identifiable as either British or American, and despite all the years I’ve spent knowing this genre of music, it still pleasantly surprises me when a band I thought American turns out to be British; or vice versa.

Up next is Wolfmother with Joker and the Thief. (If you’re listening to the playlist as is, wolfmothernote how perfect the transition from Whitesnake to Wolfmother sounds).

Since we were on the subject, let me not fail to mention the rock scene in Australia. I mean, despite the small number of bands or musicians who made a significant impact to the growing global rock scene, you can’t deny that the few Aussie bands that did make it large, made a huge impact  between the decades of the 60s and 90s. Wolfmother of course got into the scene only in the 00s, but I don’t think them any less influential.

Van Halen.jpgSo up next is Van Halen with Ice Cream Man.

Let’s just talk about how awesome a band Van Halen is for starters. They’re a significant American contributor to classic rock from the period. (Looks like this playlist also serves as a brief history lesson on music and culture, so take note folks.)

Both men who fronted the band over the years have been amazing. Each, his own style, and the beauty of it being that both styles worked splendidly for Van Halen as a band.

Ice Cream Man, sung by David Lee Roth, is just so Lee Rothy! (I think that should be a word.) One listen to the song and you’ll know why.

Clearly one of the most expressive, dynamic, and talented singers in the industry. And such a performer!

I wish I could say I saved the best for last, but I honestly can’t rank most songs on the basis of which is best. There can’t be such a thing.bon-jovi

I’m giving you Bon Jovi with It’s My Life.

I have grown up to the album version, and of course the iconic video. But while a little older, I had also come across a beautiful acoustic piano version of the song. I then forgot about it over the years.

I was filled with a pleasant warm feeling (like the one when you meet a fond old friend after ages) when I recently heard this acoustic version at a lounge I was at. It really made the rest of my evening.

So there you have it- Playlist #87. Enjoy it over the week. I’ll be back with the next one soon.

Happy Listening!