As per what I had planned sometime during the start of the month, there should have been at least three shares before Christmas, but I was only able to manage one. The one I’m sharing today, was put together sometime last week but I didn’t find time to share it. I’ve decided to stick to the same playlist- Christmas carols included.

Season’s Greetings folks!

Here’s a really fun song to kick things off. It’s Beirut with the song Scenic World. I beirutremember hearing this one not so long back, and loving how positive it made me feel. That accordion riff is so catchy and mood-enhancing. Makes you envision dancing around in a street while talented street-musicians treated you to a song quite similar to this.

Beirut is an American band which was originally the solo musical project of Santa Fe native Zach Condon, and later expanded into a band. Beirut’s music combines elements of indie-rock and world music.


Next up is Stevie Ray Vaughan with Pride and Joy.

srvI’ve known this song for really long, unsure why I didn’t share it before. Most of what I share depends on how I feel and how the song makes me feel. There are times I feel suddenly inspired to add a song to a playlist; a song I would have listened to over a thousand times before, but wouldn’t have been inspired the same way.

Ahh… I love how magical music can be.

Pride and Joy is a great piece of work if you’re looking into technical guitar finesse. The riff is so catchy, and those fillers add so much more appeal to the entire song. There’s a lot of George Thorogood in that style of playing.

Portishead is something else.portishead

Strange sort of way to start off I know, but I was just expressing exactly what I felt as I listened to The Rip– the song I’m sharing with you.

I’ve been exploring Portishead’s work with a little more interest and attention to detail, and my findings astound me. I am not only enjoying their work more, but am really getting drawn to the beautiful portrayal of darkness in all their music.

the-cardigansAnd now I have The Cardigans for you with Lovefool.

This one is really popular so I’m willing to bet you’ve heard it before. Heard it again recently and thought, “why not put this on a playlist. It’s a fun song, and should help bring back good memories of the 90s.”

This next song that I’m sharing with you holds a very special place in my heart, so treat it machine-headwell.

It’s Machine Head with Descend The Shades of Night.

If my memory serves me right, my first encounter with this brilliant piece of work was about 12 years ago. I remember listening to it extensively and intimately over earphones, and I can still remember the goosebumps it gave me then.

None of that has changed till date.

I have of course explored Machine Head more, but this one is the best in my opinion. I would like to go ahead and give you my detailed opinion on the track, but I might ruin it for you.

So instead, I’ll suggest you listen to the track the way I did. And give it a good chance. Even if it isn’t your genre, it should impress you.

cloutI now have South African band Clout with their song Save Me.

My brother introduced me to this song rather recently, and I was drawn to it instantly. Not only is the song catchy, it’s got a lot of ABBA element to it, and I really enjoy the diction on these women singing! 😀

Okay. I’m listening to it right now as I type this bit, and I have decided, I really like this song. Repetitive as it may be, it isn’t tiring itself out on me.

Sufjan Steven’s Joy To The World is the sufjan-stevenscarol I just didn’t have to heart to take off the list, despite the appropriateness of it being lost a little. The version is by far one of the most beautiful renditions I have ever heard (maybe this has something to do with how I think all Sufjan Steven’s music is the most beautiful sounding).

My brother and I attempted to put together our cover of this over guitar, piano, and voice (with just about 10 minutes of practice), and while it comes nowhere close to the original’s perfection, it was still good to try and we enjoyed it.

george-michaelI decided to add in George Michael’s Faith to this playlist because 2016 managed to take another good, talented man, whose musical contributions have quite literally defined several genres, over at least three decades of music.

I chose Faith because this is one my friends and I love singing along to (even though we suck at it), and because of how fitting it seemed given its amazing lyrical quality, and general feel-good nature. And of course there’s George Michael’s amazing vocal abilities which I have always regarded as one of the finest.

I woke up to news of George Michael’s passing and it made me sad. These are artists I would have loved to watch performing live.

And that brings me to the end of playlist #90, also the last playlist for the year 2016. I’m glad to have ended the year with George Michael’s Faith. 🙂

Have a good end of the year everyone!

Happy Listening!


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