Hey there!.

Logged in to WordPress to put this piece together for you and my site tells me it’s been a month since my last post. Pity I wasn’t able to share this one sooner. While this post will remain shorter and crisper than usual, I’m promising you a good one. Go ahead and check it out- I’m sure you’ll like it.

This first song brings back such good memories for me. I’ve known it for longer than I can climax-blues-bandrecall, and I love every bit of it still!

It’s Couldn’t Get It Right by the Climax Blues Band.

For a typically classic rock band from the peak of the classic rock era, this song sounds way too contemporary. Not that I’m complaining though. I can’t in fact point out singular aspects that I love about it. I can however talk about the one thing that I don’t like- how short the song is.

the-bugglesLooks like the general direction this playlist is taking is one of an upbeat, jovial, and peppy mood. This second song I have for you is called Video Killed The Radio Star, and is by the British band The Buggles.

The song was originally recorded by Bruce Woolley and The Camera Club for their album ‘English Garden’. Haven’t had the opportunity to check that version out yet. The Buggles’ version is the only one I know, and I haven’t yet had too much of it.

Here’s another classic- this one from the early 1960s. It’s The Kingsmen with Louie Louie.The Kingsmen.jpg

I’ll be honest and tell you I don’t quite know how to describe this song or why I like it. Must be the bluesy-ness of it (Yes, let’s make that a word for now), or how unique it sounds. I have heard enough music over the course of my life time (which isn’t a lot of time, but is still a lot of music), but I have never heard anything that sounds quite like Louie Louie. Sometimes I have this song stuck in my head all day.

relient-k-4e1d0a4be567a.jpgLet’s travel forward in time from that last song, back to music we can relate to more because of the timeline. I have for you Relient K with their rendition of Silver Bells.

Yay! It’s Christmas! Whoot!

Relient K is a Christian contemporary band from the United States. I really dig their work. It appeals to me in so many ways. The only stuff that I’ve heard by the band is their collection of Christmas carols from the album ‘Let It Snow, Baby… Let It Reindeer’, but I’m pretty sure they sound just as fantastic in all their work.

Dio for you now with All The Fools Sailed Away.Dio.jpg I have brought up Ronnie James Dio’s Oh-so-awesome-I-can’t-get’enough-of-it voice before, so let me not dwell on it too much.

My God Man! His Voice!!

Not too many days back, I had the chorus of this song stuck in my head for over half the day. Easily one of the better days I spent that week.

I now hWhite Mambazo.jpgave a very interesting track for you. I wish I could recollect where and how I first heard it, but anyway. The important thing is I’m sharing this beautiful piece of work with the world.
The track is called Bazoyidela Inkani, and is by a South African choral group.

Here’s some trivia-

White Mambazo is a South African choral group consisting of the sons of Ladysmith Black Mambazo leader Joseph Shabalala, with his eldest son Nikosinathi leading the group. They sing in the traditional style of isicathamiya, like their parents in the above group. Formed in 1976 by Joseph and his late wife Nellie, the group came to local prominence in 1987, when they recorded a full album that October.


And to close this off, I have another carol (tis the season after all).celtic-thunder

Here’s Celtic Thunder with Our First Christmas Together.

I simply cannot get enough of this carol. It’s just so beautiful sounding, has just the right structure, the right words, and Damian McGinty’s voice (heart-eyes. Or whatever that emoji is called.)

So yeah, in the spirit of the season, of great music, and all that is right in the world, I hope you enjoy this one as much as I did.

That closes playlist 89. I only just now realised how close I am to 100 playlists. Whoa.

So anyway, I’ll talk to you soon.

Happy Listening!


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