I was up for real disappointment while putting together this week’s playlist. I’ve reached that stage where the number of songs I’ve shared are 14 songs short of 500, and I am starting to lose track of what I’ve already shared. Imagine that- Being real excited about sharing a song, and then noticing you’ve already shared it.

On the positive side- Yay! I’m touching 500 songs!

Take a look at what I’ve got for you this week-

After getting over the disappointment that I talked about earlier, I decided to instead sharethe-beach-boys with you I Get Around by the Beach Boys.

The Beach Boys are such fun music! I think it impossible to not succumb to the groove of any of their songs. On this one- my brother and I love singing and clapping along. And of course singing along with the highest vocal pitch.

whitesnakeUp next is a classic rock favourite by English 70s rock band Whitesnake. The song is called Love Ain’t No Stranger.

I can in no way compare or justify a comparison between the American and the British contribution to the rock scene. It would be unfair to do so. But it’s quite an interesting thing to note that despite several bands being distinctly identifiable as either British or American, and despite all the years I’ve spent knowing this genre of music, it still pleasantly surprises me when a band I thought American turns out to be British; or vice versa.

Up next is Wolfmother with Joker and the Thief. (If you’re listening to the playlist as is, wolfmothernote how perfect the transition from Whitesnake to Wolfmother sounds).

Since we were on the subject, let me not fail to mention the rock scene in Australia. I mean, despite the small number of bands or musicians who made a significant impact to the growing global rock scene, you can’t deny that the few Aussie bands that did make it large, made a huge impact  between the decades of the 60s and 90s. Wolfmother of course got into the scene only in the 00s, but I don’t think them any less influential.

Van Halen.jpgSo up next is Van Halen with Ice Cream Man.

Let’s just talk about how awesome a band Van Halen is for starters. They’re a significant American contributor to classic rock from the period. (Looks like this playlist also serves as a brief history lesson on music and culture, so take note folks.)

Both men who fronted the band over the years have been amazing. Each, his own style, and the beauty of it being that both styles worked splendidly for Van Halen as a band.

Ice Cream Man, sung by David Lee Roth, is just so Lee Rothy! (I think that should be a word.) One listen to the song and you’ll know why.

Clearly one of the most expressive, dynamic, and talented singers in the industry. And such a performer!

I wish I could say I saved the best for last, but I honestly can’t rank most songs on the basis of which is best. There can’t be such a thing.bon-jovi

I’m giving you Bon Jovi with It’s My Life.

I have grown up to the album version, and of course the iconic video. But while a little older, I had also come across a beautiful acoustic piano version of the song. I then forgot about it over the years.

I was filled with a pleasant warm feeling (like the one when you meet a fond old friend after ages) when I recently heard this acoustic version at a lounge I was at. It really made the rest of my evening.

So there you have it- Playlist #87. Enjoy it over the week. I’ll be back with the next one soon.

Happy Listening!


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