Hey world.

This one will be a brief post since I’m not at my best but still am determined to share this one. The playlist is good though (It always is).

blue-oyster-cultI’m choosing to kick things off with a really awesome track called Godzilla by Blue Öyster Cult.

I do remember sharing another track by this band in the not so distant past, and while I did, I remember saying I was rediscovering them. That part is still true. Sigh… Gives me goosebumps how there’s such fine music out there and yet so much I haven’t explored.

And now, It’s The Doors with Moonlight Drive.the-doors

I’ve been enjoying The Doors’ music more and more off late. There’s a really nice chilled-out feel to their sounds. This one called Moonlight Drive is quite a popular one, and it’s peppy as much as it is smooth. You can always count on Jim Morrison and the boys to deliver music that really picks your senses up.

status-quoI now have another really fun song for you, from back when some of the world’s finest rock musicians delivered their sounds to us.

It’s early 60s English rock band Status Quo with Whatever You Want.

What I really love about this song is that beautiful transition and picking up of pace and rhythm that happens sometime in the twenty-sixth second or so… It just keeps picking up from there and makes me want to let my hair down, sing out loud, and jump around in beat to that perfect driving rhythm.

The guitar solo on this song is enjoyable too. Short but interesting.

I’ve had Porcupine Tree’s Arriving Somewhere But Not Here on my To-Share playlist for aporcupine-tree really long time, and I finally found an appropriate space for it on this playlist.

There’s several things about this song, or Porcupine Tree’s music in general, that makes it what it is, and that gives them that special place in music history itself. It’s hard to describe so I’ll just trust that you’ll experience it and know what I mean when you listen to this song.

To talk about their music as a musician… Most musicians build a song around a defined structure. You have chords, you have a rhythm in mind, you have a skeleton of an idea. Even psychedelic music could be said to follow that definition and structure by some extent. I haven’t seen this similarity in Porcupine Tree’s music. Their music seems to mess with the musical forces too much. And Damn! The results are brilliant! There’s more raw emotion in this music than I’ve found elsewhere.

queensrycheClosing this playlist off is a really popular ballad by American heavy metal band Queensryche. If you haven’t already guessed which one, the song is called Silent Lucidity.

I’m afraid I’m going to wear this one out a little too soon because I’m listening to it too much off late (I recently rediscovered it). But it’s just one of those beautiful ballads that I cannot get enough of. Everything about the song is perfect, and it drives home a really beautiful message.

So I’ll leave you with these for now. Will be back again shortly with a few more interesting songs and stories.

Happy Listening!


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