Hey there!

Been less than 7 days I’m aware, but decided to share another playlist anyway. Check out what’s in store for you this week-

ben-howardFirst off, is the song that stands out on this playlist for me. I’m giving you Ben Howard with Old Pine.

There’s a lot of things that I think are the best thing than happened to me, ever. Finding out about Ben Howard and his beautiful earthy music is one of those things. This song called Old Pine is from the man’s debut album ‘Every Kingdom’. I can’t in fact rank his music because I love several of the tracks the same; I will instead tell you that this one is special because of the lyrics, the simple but beautiful video, and of course, Ben Howard himself.

Throwing in a cover of a classic Beatles track for you now. It’s Godsmack with their versiongodsmack of Come Together.

There’s several artists who have covered this song and have done quite a good job of it too. You may want to listen to Aerosmith’s cover as well. I like Godsmack’s because it picks me up, fills me with energy, and most importantly- I like Godsmack.

I also like The Beatles.

Hell I’m not going to ever compare their original to any cover. Would be a sin to.

emmylou-harrisInteresting story as to how my brother and I discovered Emmylou Harris.

This was probably three years ago- We were tuned in to Absolute Radio and there was an advert that would be played which contained a parody of Emmylou Harris’ Mister Sandman (which is a really fun awesome song btw, so do check it out. It features Linda Ronstadt and Dolly Parton). So anyway, my brother tried to gather more information on the artist who has sung the original Mister Sandman, and as a result- we like Emmylou Harris’ music. We also love saying her name. Like over and over.

This one I’ve shared with you is called Wayfaring Stranger.

This next one is a favourite.stray-cats It’s the Stray Cats with Stray Cat Strut. The video is amusing, and so is the song, so go ahead and enjoy it.

I’m looking into information about the band and I see that they’re listed as falling into the genre Rockabilly- whatever that means.

You may have also heard these two songs ‘She’s Sexy + 17’, and ‘Rock This Town’, both of which are by the Stray Cats.

the-troggsAnd finally, to close this playlist off, I’ll leave you with another favourite because it’s just so much fun to listen to- It’s The Troggs with their 60s hit Wild Thing.

I love how music from the 50s and 60s did not need as many lyrics or as much technical difficulty. It’s like they just jammed a little in their garage and came up with a “concept song” and then built a simple-structured song around it. And it’s absolutely fun to listen to!

Here’s something that tells you more than you need to know about me- I sometimes love kicking off a solo dance party to this song. I follow it up with a few other good 70s and 80s disco tracks and have the time of my life!

So on that note, I’ll say buh-bye for now and be back again soon with a few more songs to share with you.

Until then.

Happy Listening!


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