Hey there!

I have a really exciting playlist for you today, so without stalling, here it is-

The most exciting song on the playlist in my opinion is this one I’m choosing to start offSting.jpg with. It’s Sting with A Thousand Years.

I don’t think any efforts to describing Sting as an artist will do him justice- brilliant and exemplary a musician that he is.

My brother had me check this one out very recently, and my senses were immediately flooded with nostalgic memories of when we used to hear this one played nearly everyday on WorldSpace Satellite Radio.

INXS.jpgAnother track from the good ol’ simpler days for you- It’s Australian rock band from the 70s, INXS with Never Tear Us Apart.

Australia has given us some very fine musicians, and these bands are somewhere at the top of my list of favourite bands of all time. Although INXS still plays, I don’t think their current music even remotely compares to when Michael Hutchence fronted the band.

If my memory serves me right, this is my third The Fratellis share on this blog. Their music is just so fun and relaxing to listen to!The Fratellis.png

The one I’ve chosen to share is called Baby Fratelli.

This song is the personification of all the fun elements I associate The Fratellis with. And while we’re on the subject, what is it with me and British vocalists anyway?! I can just never get enough of all that pizzazz the accent adds to the music.

Oh also, the riff on this song is crazy catchy!

Bette Midler.jpgI’ve been meaning to share this song for close to a year now but just didn’t find the right playlist for it. I hope this slot is going to do it justice.

It’s Bette Midler with The Rose.

Now go ahead and call me a romantic if you will, but this is one love song that really hits home for me. I mean, it’s not even just the lyrics I’m talking about. The overall simplicity of the song, Bette Milder’s voice, the emotion conveyed throughout the song… There’s just so many aspects of the song that make me want to close my eyes and just be in a happier place for a while.

I hate when I’m not able to accurately trace back to my Great Lake Swimmers.jpghistory with every single song I’ve heard. But unfortunately, there’s some pieces of music I just cannot trace back to. This one called Your Rocky Spine by the Great Lake Swimmers is one.

So a little about the band- Great Lake Swimmers are a Canadian melodic folk rock band from the early Noughties.

Their style resembles Neil Young a lot, which is rather interesting, and reminds me that there’s a Neil Young song sitting on my To-Share playlist, patiently waiting its turn.

CCR.jpgCCR for you now, with Lookin’ Out My Back Door.

I have a confession to make out on this public platform. For a really long time, I didn’t think much about CCR or their music. I didn’t dislike it at all, I just wouldn’t voluntarily play any of it either. That has now changed. I seem to be at that stage in my life where I’m rediscovering a lot of bands I’ve grown up listening to. And the result/conclusion- CCR is such a fun band!

Choosing to close this playlist off on a jazzy mellowThe Dave Brubeck Quartet.png note, I’m giving you The Dave Brubeck Quartet with Strange meadow Lark.

I’ve listened to this track several times before, and for the purpose of sharing this playlist, about five odd times. Fine piece of work it is indeed! Really relaxed you.

Hoping those seven songs that I’ve shared really make your day, I’l be back soon with a brand new playlist altogether.

Until then.

Happy Listening!


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