Guess who’s back with another set of five song for you?

This song that I’m choosing to start off this playlist with is probably something you’ve Damien Ricealready heard and are really familiar with. Either way, I wanted to share it because despite having liked the song since a couple of years now, I seem to have rediscovered it and am liking it all over again.

It’s Damien Rice with Cannonball.

If you’re a fan of Damien Rice’s music, it could be for one of these three more prominent reasons-

  1. His voice and style of singing. (It usually gives me goosebumps- There’s very few artists I know who convey so much emotion with their voice.)
  2. His style of playing the guitar.
  3. The lyrical quality in all his music. (There’s always a deep meaning and something you can relate to on an intimate level.)

FuelSo taking you back to the story of when I used to listen to WorldSpace Satellite Radio, this next song by American Rock band Fuel, called Hemorrhage (In My Hands), is one I had frequently heard those days, but didn’t know who the artist was. Interestingly, I did know Fuel as a band later because of one song I heard (their version of We Three Kings), and I didn’t take the trouble to explore the artists further.

Not until about six months back.

And now I’ve got the Best Of Fuel on my hard drive, and it amuses me that over 50% over that collection is stuff I heard on WorldSpace.

Some Dire Straits now for you with Lady Writer.

Dire Straits

I recently heard this one on my shuffled playlist, and something about the setting- the mood I was in, the overall ambient set-up of my room, and the song itself made me love it more than I normally would have, and that feeling eventually led to me wanting to share this on a playlist here no matter what.

You can never get enough of classics like this one!

keaneThis is my second favourite Keane song. It’s called This Is The Last Time. (I’m hoping to be able to cover it soon.)

All of Keane’s music is technically a tease. It’s that simple. But what I love about the band and their music overall, is how balanced and mood-perfect it is. There’s an air of melancholy around all that they sing, and I like how perfect it is.

Closing again with a song you must be really familiar with.Imagine Dragons

It’s Imagine Dragons with On Top Of The World.

I’m not a huge fan of Imagine Dragons’ music. (There’s probably three songs I like, of which On Top Of The World is one.) This one is so much fun to listen to! In fact, my brother and I do this thing where we sing along, with special emphasis on the diction (which is unique to this song), and to the “Hey!”s that stand out in that fun happy chorus.

The music video isn’t so bad either. It’s amusing.

So I hope you really enjoy this playful (well, almost) playlist I put together for you. I’ll be back with five more before you get tired of these.

Happy Listening!


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