It’s been obscenely long since my last share. I have absolutely no excuses. I’m not even going to attempt making promises anymore.

Let’s get right into the playlist. Hopefully the playlist I’ve got for you helps save some face of mine.

Howlin WolfSo I’ve been tuning into the blues a lot off-late, and I am very proud of it. To kick start this playlist I’ve decided to give you Howlin’ Wolf with I’m The Wolf.

There’s something really sexy about the blues, that I can’t seem to be able to describe in more words than just “sexy”. And this Howlin’ Wolf track is everything I’m meaning but failing to express. I think it’s about the state of mind it can put you in. It’s so smooth and indulging.

Next up is a Velvet Revolver song I have memories of from when I was just 13 or 14. I

Scott Weiland File Photos

rediscovered their music a few months ago, and while I’m not awfully fond of the stuff, I do enjoy the occasional Velvet Revolver I come across on my shuffled playlist.

This one is called She Builds Quick Machines.

This is the first Velvet Revolver song I ever heard. It’s no departure from your average American hard rock- alternative rock song, but It’s catchy and is a good listen. Also it’s got Slash and an insanely good solo that lasts just about 20 odd seconds, so this right here is another reason I’m giving you to listen to She Builds Quick Machines.

The StrokesI really really REALLY enjoy listening to The Strokes. This track I’m sharing, called 12:51, is not my favourite of their music, but it’s just as much fun to listen to.

The Strokes’ music is again, not technically challenging or incredible to listen to. They’re just one of those bands who seem to have a lot of fun while they make genuinely fun music. Bummer most of their tracks aren’t over three minutes long.

Throwing in a classical track now, it’s Air On The G String composed by Bach, performed J.S.Bachby the early music ensemble Voices Of Music.

There’s not a good choice of words I can immediately come up with to describe this brilliant soothing work of art. The brilliance of the composer (because…Bach) aside, this particular performance I’ve shared with you is spectacular in itself. I’ve managed to listen to it on loop 4 times so far (and still counting).

Stringed instruments at their finest.

Mr. BigClosing this short crisp (and very overdue) playlist is Mr.Big with To Be With You.

I love this track! I’ve always enjoyed Mr.Big as a band. The musical and vocal balance, and how every element that makes up their music seems to perfectly complement each other is just brilliant! There’s also that sweet acoustic tonal quality they bring out so perfectly. (Perfect stuff to cover with just voice and guitar).

And of course, considering how weak I get for good voices, Eric Martin’s is one of the finer ones.

Apologies for such a long break between this share and my last. I hope the playlist I’ve shared is one you’ll enjoy. You’ll hear from me again.

Happy Listening!


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