So I’m real excited about this week’s playlist because everything I have on it for you is super awesome.

Take a look.

Tracy Chapman.jpgThe first one I’m sharing is by Tracy Chapman and is called Talkin’ Bout A Revolution.

There’s a lot that I personally draw  from a woman like Tracy, but that aside, I really enjoy her music for the quality of her lyrical and musical work. And then of course, there’s her voice. I think it’s the simplicity of both, her music and her voice, that really appeal to the mass of us. If you pay close attention to this particular song for example, you’ll feel inspired. There’s that depth in her voice that conveys quite well the emotion that the track is built on.

I cannot go ahead and talk about this next track without first saying a Thank You to a good Dave Brubeck.jpgfriend of mine for sharing it with me. I knew of the track before (it’s quite popular so I’m sure you did too), but since I’m still a newbie at Jazz, I didn’t know of the artist too well.

Figured it out yet (If you’ve already begun listening to it)?

It’s Take Five, by the Jazz Great- Dave Brubeck.

Take Five is one among the man’s greatest tracks. It was in fact composed by Paul Desmond (the man you should applaud for that brilliant alto saxophone work on this track), and then performed by The Dave Brubeck Quartet.

I suggest you listen to this one paying attention to all four contributing instruments (alto sax, piano, drums, and bass). They’re all spectacular, and together create a masterpiece that I cannot seem to find any more suitable words to describe with.

Okay, so now for some really fun music- It’s The Beatles with Rock and Roll Music.

The BeatlesLet me tell you something that this song and I share-

Every single time I decide to listen to it, I don’t intend to merely “listen”, rather, I just HAVE to groove to it. It’s one of those songs I love unwinding by jumping around crazy to.

Also, I find it amusing that I decided to share this after the jazz track. I mean, I’ve got no kick against modern jazz, unless they try to play it too darn fast, and lose the beauty of the melody, until they sound just like a symphony. That’s why I go for that that rock and roll music, it’s gotta be rock and roll music, if you wanna dance with me. 😛

This next one is on the list thanks to a good friend again (Not the same friend as above. I Flobots.jpghave more than one friend.) So friend of mine, Thank You for reminding me of my childhood by sharing the Flobots and Handlebars with me when you did. I have sincerely listened to it on a near daily basis since then.

I’m guessing that to a lot of you, this one will be a familiar one from them good ol’ days (when even Rap was good music). (Is it just me, or am I talking in braces too much today?)

So anyway, enjoy this one while watching the video. Makes a lot more sense then. Plus it’s an awesome video and deserves the attention.

ChevelleThis last track’s credit is all mine (I’m one of my bestest friends on that list of friends of mine FYI). It’s American alternative- hard rock band Chevelle with Closure.

I love this band mostly for Pete Loeffler’s voice. He’s got an amazing vocal range, and there’s also a lot of sheer raw power in it. Sigh… *insert heart-eyes emoji here*

So all that aside, Chevelle makes good music, and there’s a lot of talent in this band. Closure is one of those songs that I can listen to several times a day. “Closure has come to my, myself” was my whatsapp status for a long time in fact.

And THAT, brings me to the close of another playlist- an awesome one, if I must say so myself. I’ll of course, be back with 5 more songs for you once you’ve worn these 5 out (I’ll know the right time, “the little birds” will tell me).

Happy Listening!


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