I’m back again, this 1st of May, with a whole new set of tracks to share with you.

Take a look at what I’ve put together-

Of course the first track is familiar right? Well probably more so for those from my Phil Collinsgeneration, who grew up to Disney classics like Beauty and the Beast, The Lion King, and Tarzan.

It’s The man Phil Collins, with his famous soundtrack to the movie Tarzan, You’ll Be In My Heart.

Apart from how great the song was in the movie, or how great the movie was itself, this is a really cool song. I’ve always loved Phil Collins’ music. It’s got so much depth wrt lyrical quality, and musically as well. It’s a musician’s ear candy.

I now have for you Cecilia Dale with C’est Si Bon.

Cecilia DaleI unfortunately don’t have enough information on the song or the artist to share with you. I don’t even recall correctly where I first heard this track. But I’ll tell you what made me share it with you today-

I was listening to music while I worked (Really, who doesn’t, right?) and when this particular track came around, I enjoyed listening to it, more for how relaxing and entertaining it is. That’s also the reason I decided to put it on a playlist here.

So I feel the need to explain myself a little before you hearDisturbed.jpg more of this third song, or before I talk more about it.

The song is called Prayer, and is by American heavy metal band Disturbed.

I don’t listen to Disturbed as much as I listen to other heavy metal bands, but of the few tracks I’ve heard, this one is a favourite because of how beautifully written it is. The whole fact that it’s called Prayer, the structure the lyrics take, the message the song conveys, the musical structure of the track… It’s all brilliant in my opinion. (Yeah, I don’t say “IMO”. As is the case with most urban lingo and me. Deal with it.)

I hope you enjoy this one.

Jorge Drexler.jpgI’m giving you Uruguayan musician Jorge Drexler and his beautiful song called Al otro lado del rio.

If you’re thinking this one sounds familiar, the track was written and performed for the ¬†2004 film The Motorcycle Diaries.

I love this song so much for how gentle it is. Like a lullaby… But it doesn’t put you to sleep, instead, it triggers an emotional reminiscence of some of the most beautiful feelings you’ve ever had.

Also, FYI, Jorge Drexler is a doctor who specialises in otolaryngology.

And to close today’s playlist, what better than a live version of the Dire Straits performing Dire Straits.jpgtheir hit Your Latest Trick, right?

In my opinion, every single thing about this track, and in particular, this version, is beautiful! The way it starts and builds-up… The clarity… Those guitar fillers… That riff… That perfection with with all instruments blend in… Mark Knopfler’s voice… The crowd…

All… so… perfect!

And with that, playlist #76 comes to a close. Go on and enjoy the tracks I’ve shared with you so far, I’ll always surprise you with more, I promise.

Happy Listening!


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