It’s such a crazy feeling writing a post here after so long. It’s been over two months since my last share with you hasn’t it? I’ll be honest- there has been more than a dozen occasions where I thought I would sit myself down for a while and share my next playlist with you- I even had the playlist ready during this entire hiatus period- but somehow I just wasn’t able to put it together.

Apologies for that. I do hope this playlist makes it all up. (More often than not, I’ve been attempting to  make up for irregular posts with a promising playlist no? 😛 And see how I’m still taking for granted that I can get away with it?!)

But anyway, check this out-

First up is the Alabama Shakes with a song called Don’t Wanna Fight. If you haven’t heard them Alabama Shakes yet (which is highly unlikely- the band is gaining popularity fast, and is insanely awesome), you’re probably going to love their music hence forth.

Alabama Shakes.jpgI put this playlist together sometime soon after my previous playlist was shared, and I still remember exactly why I decided to share this track with you- I just “happened” on this particular song while I was wasting time on YouTube (yeah, this event is now more regular than my sleeping pattern is), and I’m like- “whoa! This stuff is totally going to replace whatever song was next in line for first spot on my upcoming playlist!” That the playlist ultimately got shared with you only 60 odd days after that deceiving sense of urgency is entirely another matter.

I remember listening to Sinead O’Connor’s Nothing Sinead O'ConnorCompares To You since I was a child and having always enjoyed listening to it.

That hasn’t changed one bit.

Neither has my taste in music in general. (phew!)

Sinead has some pipes on her! If you’re a regular follower of this blog of mine you’ll know quite well of my obsession with powerful voices, male or female. Of all those female vocalists who can bring shivers down spine, Sinead O’Connor has been able to do it to me since I was only 7 or 8.

As an after-note, I’d also like to add that this track was originally written by the musician Prince, who we lost recently.

Some really smooth stuff for you now. It’s German film Gert Wildencomposer Gert Wilden with a track called Blue Moon.

I don’t know Mr. Wilden’s music too well to be honest. I’ve just heard this one and I don’t even remember where I heard it from.

This next song will be my first Slipknot share on this Slipknot.jpgblog. Yay!! Slipknot!!

The track I’m sharing is called Circle, and I first heard it fairly recently. The minute I heard it, of course Corey Taylor’s voice was something I identified almost immediately, but I didn’t think much of the song. There didn’t seem to be anything unique or awesome about it to make it not-just-another-song. But this false idea in my head changed around minutes 3:35 of the song. That’s where the whole “slipknot” element beautifully blends into this otherwise not so regularly slipknot track.

Zero 7And to close off I will leave you with the British chillout duo who call themselves Zero 7, and this really cool track called Destiny. I won’t say much about the track here- will let you explore it for yourself.

Just FYI, the track ‘Destiny’ features Sia Furler (Sia) and Sophie Barker (Sophie Barker) on vocals.

It felt real good to be sharing music again after so long. Almost makes me wonder why I allow such distances to materialize in the first place. Almost.

I hope you enjoy all the tracks I’ve shared this week. I’ll get to putting together an even better one for next week.

And I’ll make sure it’s posted next week too. 😛

Happy Listening!


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