I have eagerly been waiting to share this week’s playlist with you. The songs I’m sharing here are currently the top tracks I’ve been listening to on my personal playlist.

Peter GabrielI don’t think I’ve shared Peter Gabriel with you before. I believe I picked the right song of his to start with- This one is called Blood Of Eden.

Released in 1993, Blood of Eden is the third single from Peter Gabriel’s ‘Us’. It features Sinéad O’Connor as backing vocalist. While the video isn’t all that fascinating, the song is something else because of it’s exquisite melody and lyrical quality.

If my memory serves me right, I know this song by Ilya called Bellissimo because of the Ilya.jpgambient music collection I acquired not so long ago. Ever since I heard the song, I have just not been able to get enough of it. The track is just so unique!

Ilya is an English trip-hop, electronica, and down-tempo duo comprising Joanna Swan and Nick Pullin.

The video for this song features Martin Freeman (from BBC’s Sherlock), and Lena Headey (from Game of Thrones).

The Beatles.jpgI really couldn’t resist sharing this next one! Off-late, I’ve rediscovered how awesome The Beatles’ music is and I am simply not able to get enough of the more fun lively energetic tracks. Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band is one of those songs.

For a long time I’ve wondered why this one is called what it is called. (I’m not taking the trouble to keep typing that song title over and over.)

Unfortunately, just like a lot of other really fun Beatles songs, this one lasts barely 2 minutes. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

Here’s one that might probably be new to a lot of you. It’s American alternative, neo-Mazzy Star.pngpsychedelic rock band Mazzy Star with a song called Fade Into You.

Fade Into You is the group’s only song to make it to the Billboard Top 100. When you listen to it, you’ll know why.

(Meanwhile I’m still scratching my head about how and where I found this song.) Damn! I should really consider a more detailed log about these things it seems!

Godsmack.jpgOf course I left Godsmack for the end; it’s just the kind of thing I am prone to do! (You probably know that about me by now).

To be honest, I love Godsmack’s music; and Running Blind has currently captivated me for a lot of reasons. If you remember the time I shared their song ‘Serenity’ with you, my reasons for liking Running Blind are not very different. As much as I don’t mind hard rock or heavy metal in its purest form, I love how Godsmack manages to flawlessly blend in elements of more soothing grunge into their work.

And if you were waiting on me to bring up Sully Erna’s voice, I will now. I’m finding it hard to describe in words his vocal delivery in this song (the word “Perfect” should sum it all up though), so I’ll just mention how beautifully I think the backing vocals blend with his.

And that closes this playlist. Do feel free to write back with suggestions, requests, or trivia. I’ll be back with 5 more tracks for you in about a week’s time.

Happy Listening!


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