So somebody told me that in order to fix my irregular sleeping habit triggered insomnia, which btw has been bothering me since over a month now, I should just spend a night awake. According to him, the insomnia should get taken care of the next night. Seems like irrefutable logic, especially when you’ve already tried everything else.

So anyway, why I brought that up was, I’m writing this particular post on this “insomnia solving” night; at 5 in the morning to be precise. I’ve successfully managed to stay up so far (which isn’t hard since Duh! Insomnia!)

Here’s my playlist for you-

Joni MitchellI’ve got a really beautiful song by Joni Mitchell kicking start this playlist for you. The song is called Both Sides, Now.

This song was first recorded by Judy Collins in 1967, and later appeared on Joni Mitchell’s 1969 album ‘Clouds’. This is also one of the lady’s more famous songs.

Mitchell’s work is highly respected by critics, and she has deeply influenced fellow musicians in a diverse range of genres. Rolling Stone has called her “one of the greatest songwriters ever”, and AllMusic has stated, “When the dust settles, Joni Mitchell may stand as the most important and influential female recording artist of the late 20th century”. Her lyrics are noted for their developed poetics, addressing social and environmental ideals alongside personal feelings of romantic longing, confusion, disillusion, and joy.


I really regret not being able to track this song back to where or when I first heard it. It’s The Submarinescalled 1940 and is by American indie rock band The Submarines.

This is also one of those songs I find hard to describe. It’s catchy sure. It’s also got a really unique rhythm, so you’ll find yourself enjoying it all through and then feeling bad when it ends.

Some info on The Submarines-

This is essentially a two member band, something on the lines of The White Stripes, consisting of members John Dragonetti and Blake Hazard. They’ve been around since 2006, and the genres they play in also include electronica and folk.

The CascadesThis next one really makes me smile. It takes me back so many years, back to when I was probably just 5 or 6. I am reminded of listening to the song being played over the cassette player my dad had. I remember liking the song, probably why it brings back those memories in the first place.

The song is by The Cascades and is called Rhythm Of The Rain.

Putting the nostalgia aside, there is definitely something very special about music from the 50s and 60s decades. Their simplicity for example, is just so… beautiful! There were songs about the simplest emotions, written in the simplest ways yet.

A favorite by Robert Plant now. This one is called Shine It All Around.Robert Plant

The track is from the man’s 2005 album ‘Mighty ReArranger’, and features Strange Sensation, which is basically Plant’s backing band.

Mighty ReArranger contains a blend of world and Western music influences, with mystical, oblique and somewhat cynical references to religion and destiny.

The album reached #4 on the British charts and 22 on the Billboard 200. and was nominated for two Grammy Awards: Best Solo Rock Vocal Performance for “Shine It All Around” and Best Hard Rock Performance for “Tin Pan Valley”.


Ana VidovicIt’s been a while since I shared a guitar solo with you so I decided on Ana Vidovic’s rendition of Recuerdos de la Alhambra.

First off, this is one of the most beautiful pieces of classical music I have heard. There’s just so much emotion in all of it; and Ana Vidovic delivers the most astounding, heart-melting rendition of it. The guitar just blends into you and you become one with the music for a while. That’s how beautiful it is to me anyway. I actually just lost myself for a while, listening to the track.

Just the right way to close a playlist…

I hope you enjoy those 5 tracks I’ve shared with you. I managed to effectively use another 30 minutes of my awake- time writing this post. So yay!

Happy Listening!


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