Ready for playlist #69? Here goes-

The Libertines.jpgFirst off is English rock band from the late 90s, The Libertines with a quirky spirited track called Can’t Stand Me Now. I know this one since those good ol’ WorldSpace satellite radio days.

This is one of those songs I like unwinding to. The beat is energetic and fun, and so is the music and every other aspect to the song! I haven’t really taken the trouble to listen to other songs by the band. Yet…

And after that playful track, I’m giving youbenhowardpromo_01_credit_roddy_bow.jpg


something very different. This one is by Ben Howard and is called Games In The Dark.

The song is Track #1 from Ben Howard’s self-released debut EP.

I know I use the word “haunting” a lot when describing music that I share here. But I can’t help that. Truth is, haunting is exactly how some of these tracks sound. Do you think there’s a word better than “haunting” to describe this particular song in one word? It must be his voice in combination with that unique guitar-playing style he’s got.

Sufjan Stevens.jpgI insist you drop whatever you are doing and pay close attention to this particular song. It’s Sufjan Stevens with the song Should Have Known Better.

My family and I were introduced to Sufjan Stevens when we listened to a Christmas carol composed by him. We instantly loved it. And then, very recently, my brother “acquired” the man’s album ‘Carrie & Lowell’, which is less than a year old.

There is no question, the album is a beauty; a rare thing that cannot be explained in words, so I’m not even going to try. This song however, is what stands out on that album. At least for me. So do pay attention to everything that’s going on in the song. The lyrics are just as remarkable as the music.

This next song by Radiohead, called Thinking Radiohead.pngAbout You, is from the band’s ’93 album ‘Pablo Honey’.

At two minutes and forty six seconds, it’s quite a short song in duration, and is also pretty standard a song, if you consider the typical Radiohead songs you get. But despite that, it’s a nice one. Acoustic, full of emotion, simplicity in music but full of meaning, and could probably be described as hopeful.

Alice in Chains.jpgI decided to close this playlist off with a song that has been my current favourite for a while now. I have listened to Alice in Chains for years, but only recently did I find real inclination and be mesmerized by Layne Staley’s voice. This song, Love Hate Love, is testament to that. Just listen to that awesome raw power, raw emotion which he doesn’t even make an attempt to hide, and then that superior control he has over all of it!

His voice isn’t the only reason I like this song. (Although I won’t deny it’s over 80% the reason). I think it’s a really nice sounding track with great musicality as well. A lot of Alice in Chains’ music is like that. Well written and well composed.

So there you have it- playlist #69. I’ll leave you listening to these track for now. Will be back shortly with 5 more.

Happy Listening!


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