Hey there!

Let me first wish you a Happy New Year 2016!

I honestly intended to get in two more posts before this year began, but you know how it is…

Take a look at the playlist I have for you-

Ely BrunaThere is no better way than to start off a new playlist in a brand new year than with Ely Bruna’s cover of A-ha’s Take On Me.

This classic new-wave song from the 80s sounds just amazing with Ely Bruna’s smooth voice, that soothing piano and drum backing, the key-change and guitar accompaniment… This cover is just perfect to me.

For those of you who don’t know Ely Bruna from before, she is a Mexican born musician who also speaks fluent English and Italian, aside from the Spanish.

This next one is Canadian rock band Finger Eleven’s award winning singleFinger Eleven One Thing. The song is the second single from the band’s self-titled album.

I’m pretty sure you can relate well to the feeling of being reminded of a song you’d heard long ago but had then forgotten. That’s what happened to me with this one. I used to listen to it a lot over WorldSpace Satellite radio, and then over the years I managed to forget about it. Just a few months back, a  friend of mine suggested I listen to it and when I did, the feeling was awesome.

The BeatlesI’m now taking you back down memory lane with a Beatles track. The song is called Devil In Her Heart.

I just read an interesting thing abut this song. The original song called Devil in His Heart was written by  Richard Drapkin, and was later recorded by The Donays in 1962.

The Beatles, in the year 1963, recorded the same track, calling it Devil in Her Heart, and  issued it on their second UK album, ‘With the Beatles’.

New Radicals now with their hit song You Get What You Give.New Radicals

Considered the band’s only hit, this song got hugely popular and was very successful on music charts all over the world. It has also featured on several movies and shows.

You Get What You Give was released as the band’s debut single, on the album ‘Maybe You’ve Been Brainwashed Too’.

To me, this is one of those evergreen songs; perfect for any occasion and one which would never get old.

Steve HoweI thought I’d close this playlist off with Steve Howe and this beautiful solo guitar track called Clap.

Clap is from ‘The Yes Album’ which is the third studio album from the English progressive rock band Yes. This is the band’s first album with guitarist Steve Howe replacing Peter Banks as guitarist.

The video I’m sharing with you is from Mr. Howe’s official YouTube page. He’s got these amazing video tutorials of how to play many of such solo guitar tracks. It’s beautiful to watch his fingers at work plucking strings and over that fret-board. Such class!

It’s a beautiful playlist I think, so go ahead and enjoy those song I’ve shared. You’ll hear from me soon.

Happy Listening!


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