I guess I’m more punctual with these things when I make no promises of being punctual. Here I am again, less than 7 days after my previous post, with another playlist for you-

First song I have for you is by Keren Ann (you’re probably familiar with Keren Annher by now from my past playlists). The song I have is from the lady’s 2000 album ‘La Biographie de Luka Philipsen’, and is called Aéroplane.

I love nearly every song off this album, and Aéroplane is one of the best in my opinion.

One of the reasons I like Keren Ann’s music (aside from the fact that it’s good music and she has a good voice), is that she writes good lyrics. This one essentially talks about flying (hence “Aéroplane”) and about being free and feeling better that way.

Mike Masse and Jeff Hall ft. Brenda AndrusThe next song I’m sharing with you is a cover of a popular Cranberries song ‘Linger‘ by now popular YouTube artist Mike Massé . My brother had me listen to this the other day and I just couldn’t get over how beautiful this cover is, or how talented Mike Massé is, or how beautiful Brenda Andrus’ voice is.

The song features Brenda Andrus on lead vocals, Jeff Hall on bass guitar, and Mike Massé on rhythms guitar and backing vocals. I will not say anything else and ruin it for your sense of musical judgement. Go ahead and listen to it. You’re sure to enjoy it.

I’ve grown up listening to My Chemical Romance’s Teenagers. This is oneMy Chemical Romance of those really fun songs that really makes sense in one of those strange twisted humorous ways.

There’s also a lot of energy that My Chemical Romance exudes in all their music. Teenagers is a fine example.

The song is off the band’s most popular album ‘The Black Parade’, which came out in 2006. There’s something that just has to be said about lead singer Gerard Way’s voice as well. It’s just so powerful and crisp!


Fall Out BoyHere’s another track from another alternative rock band that got really popular during the 00s. I’m giving you Fall Out Boy with their 2005 lead single Sugar, We’re Goin Down, from the album ‘From Under the Cork Tree’. I love this song mostly for Patrick Stump’s voice. Back then of course, when I was still listening to a lot of alternative rock, this song appealed because of a whole different set of reasons. I also wasn’t as musically literate and observant as I am now.

From my current POV, this song isn’t musically challenging enough, but is still brilliantly written.


To close off this playlist, I thought I’d give you something from PortisheadPortishead; and so I picked this really creepy haunting track called Humming. Trust me when I say it’s creepy and haunting; it definitely is. But then again, it is astounding music and also happens to be one of my favourites.

I’m going to ask you to be patient with it. Portishead is one of those bands that is never in a rush, and this song is one that takes its own sweet time to establish itself. The anticipation only adds to the whole eerie effect if you ask me.

Go on and enjoy the playlist I’ve shared with you. I’ll talk to you again soon.

Happy Listening!


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