My last share with you was close to a month ago. Under normal circumstances, I would’ve probably put this off until tomorrow, but this particular share is anything but normal. To wake up to news alerts about terror strikes isn’t normal. Terror strikes aren’t normal. And it would be wrong to just sit back feeling empathy for the world while you do nothing about it. There is always something everyone can do.

This playlist I’ve put together could be more powerful than you and I imagine. It is intended to remind everyone of what life should be about. Of love, simplicity, humanity, faith, resilience, hope, survival..

And of greater good.

A song that could work perfectly as a love song as well, I still decided to go ahead and share with you One by Damien Rice.

Damien RiceThere are several versions of this U2 hit, and nearly all of them are beautiful covers.

I don’t have enough information about this cover, but one thing I know for certain- Damien Rice’s rendition is just beautiful. It’s just so sad and sorrowful that it is astoundingly beautiful and could move anybody to tears.

The second song I’d like you to listen to is by Indian rock band Indus Creed and is called Pretty Child.

Indus CreedThis one was introduced to me while I was still in a band with my friends, and I have never stopped loving the song since. It’s the perfect thing to remind you of innocence and simple beauty.

Musically speaking, the track also arouses in me an excitement I cannot describe. The quality of music, of perfect fusion of Western and Indian musical elements is just so pleasing. Always.

Here’s one that a really good friend had me listen to while we were still classmatesJohn Mayer in college. Heartbreak Warfare by John Mayer.

Simple though this song may be, I think it is deep and conveys much. Music like this is perfect irrespective of the occasion; and on occasions like this one, it works even better.

Sometimes, simplicity is all it takes.

Bob MarleyThere’s never a shortage of Bob Marley songs if you’re looking for stuff that moves the world. Here’s one called So Much Trouble In The World that I thought was just perfect on today’s playlist.

Funny how a song released in 79 is more apt today than it was back then.

Creed with One.Creed

I was reminded of this song today and I realized just how perfect it was. Both musically and lyrically.

I was also reminded of how much I used to love this one back when I used to listen to Creed a lot. That was probably about 8 or 9 years ago. Good music doesn’t die out easily does it?

Also, if this song doesn’t fill you with the right mix of ire and motivation to “fix the shit” of the world, then God help you.

Yusuf IslamHere’s a man who inspires me with his music. Yusuf Islam with his powerful song Where Do The Children Play.

What I love about all his music is, being the brilliant musician and lyricist that he is, he manages to write the most moving songs; which is exactly why they are so powerful. They talk of the truth, and are yet so full of hope.

I thought I’d leave you with a very powerful, emotionally charging song by Radiohead called All I Need.Radiohead

If I really went ahead with describing this song, I would never stop talking. It just means so many things to me. The song was also a part of MTV’s EXIT campaign to combat trafficking and exploitation.

I will just stop talking at this point. Close your eyes, and let this one work its magic on you. And when you do open your eyes, let all that powerful new emotion in you be put to good use. Not later, not tomorrow, immediately.

I don’t often get involved with the politics of the world. I live by ‘everyone for themself’, and ‘nobody’s got your back but you’. But something about today’s terror incident in Paris stirred me. It makes me mad that there are people willing to go that far. It’s barbaric. It’s every reason to fear for the future. For our future.

What do you tell your kids everyday? Do you tell them they’ll live good lives? Do you see a possibility for a good life for your kids at all? I’m afraid my generation was the last to get any of that “good life”, and that’s not even all of us.


I am not religious. But I am human. We’re all human first. And colour, sex, ethnicity, beliefs put aside, we are all the same. WE ARE ALL HUMAN. WE ARE ALL THE SAME PEOPLE. Speaking different languages, wearing different clothes, eating different food, praying to different “Gods” because we all have different beliefs doesn’t change the fact that WE ARE ALL PEOPLE.

There is always a peaceful way to settle differences. But if fighting is how you choose for it to go down, then a fight it will be. A long disturbing fight. Between right and wrong; between weapons and non-violence; between terrorism and peace; between silence and noise; between turbulence and calm.


And when it all ends, there will be a deafening calm.









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