Take a look at what I have put together for you this week- 

WarI decided to start things off with a cool funk latin-rock track from the 70s. It’s War with Low Rider. This song is popular for it’s steady bass line which you’ll notice is present through most of the song.

I enjoy listening to War’s music. Good stuff to unwind to really. Relaxes your mind since it doesn’t give you too much to focus on or think about. Plus it’s got elements of jazz, funk, Latin rhythm, reggae, and even some blues to it.

I’ve got new-wave psychedelic rock band XTC from the 70s for you now, with their song Dear God which came out as part of the album ‘Skylarking’ in 1986.XTC

I’ll be honest with you. It took me a while to like this song. The first few times I heard it, I didn’t pay enough attention to the lyrics. Later though, something about it caught my attention and I ended up watching the video and paying close attention to what is actually being sung. Turns out, it’s quite a good song. The video isn’t bad either. Lots of meaning to it.

XTC was a new-wave rock band from England. Though active for close to three decades, they didn’t get that popular.

The CureLooks like most of my playlist for you this week is vintage. I’m now giving you English punk rock, alternative rock band The Cure’s Close To Me.

This song is a lot of fun to listen to. Also, if you find yourself free to watch a music video, you should watch this one’s. It’s creative and out of the box. (Just HAD to make that pun. You’ll know what I mean if you watch the video.)

So this next song was one suggested to me by a friend. It’s actually a cover of a Laurier Lachance ft. Nathan Watlingvery popular song. I prefer this cover over the original. (In the original’s defense, I never listened to it that much to start with.)

Laurier Lachance featuring Nathan Watling, with One Republic’s Counting Stars.

This one here is brilliantly executed. Two talented (and very good-looking) young men with good voices, perfect sense of musicality, and in perfect sync. The result- a refreshing cover that I have listened to seven times today.

And to close this playlist, I picked another classic. Joe Satriani with Always With Me, Always With You.

Joe SatrianiIf my memory serves me right, this is one of the first guitar instrumentals I had heard and been drawn to. Probably about 15 or so years back. I used to listen to it on loop, urging guitarists I knew to learn and play it for me.

That sentiment, I still hold.

Listening to it right now as I type, I am reminiscent of the same emotional attachment to the song.

I hope you enjoy the playlist I put together for you. Will be back with some more before you know it.
Happy Listening!


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