Hey people.

It’s raining cats and dogs this sunday afternoon IST, and it feels like the perfect conditions to be listening to the playlist I’m sharing with you-

HozierThis first one needs no introduction I’m sure. Released in 2014 as part of the man’s self-titled album, Hozier’s Take Me To Church had been nominated for the Grammy Award for Song of the Year and won the Billboard Music Award for Top Rock song.

Here’s some more-

In 2014, the song achieved widespread global popularity, becoming a number-one hit in 12 countries, as well as a top 10 single in 21 other territories. It also went on to become a rock radio hit (where it has spent 23 consecutive weeks at the top of the Hot Rock Songs chart, tied with Imagine Dragons‍ ’​s “Radioactive” as the longest-running number-one in its history at the time).

The song was nominated for the Grammy Award for Song of the Year at the 57th Annual Grammy Awards. The song has been certified five times platinum in the US.


I really really love this guy’s voice.

This next song is the debut single of Georgian-British musician Katie Melua. Katie MeluaThe song is called Closest Thing To Crazy.

Melua was only 19 when her debut album ‘Call Off The Search’ was released. I like this song because there’s a lot to read in between the lines from Katie Melua’s voice and style. She displays good control over her voice, which is really pleasant sounding.

LiveTaking you all the way back to 94′ now with a hit from the period. The song is called Lightning Crashes and is by American rock band Live.

I have known this so for so long that I can’t even zero-in on a guess of how long.

Lightning Crashes is a good representation of what American rock sounded like in the 90s. There is a lot of depth to the whole song, partial focus of technical aspects like riffs and solos, and an ambiguous but beautiful music video which could be interpreted in more than a few ways.

This next one is by 70s English progressive, psychedelic and folk-rock band Traffic,Traffic and is called John Barleycorn (Must Die).

John Barleycorn is actually a British folksong- a personification of the cereal crop barley and of the alcoholic beverages made from it. Although there have been several versions of this folksong over the years, Traffic’s version is the most notable. It features the flute and tambourine throughout the song.

Nightmares On WaxI spent some time searching my brain for information on which friend of mine shared Nightmares On Wax’s Passion with me. Turns out I discovered this one myself. It’s a part of my most recent musical acquisition which is a collection of about 1 GB worth of ambient music.

I love this one for how much it reminds me of the mafia from the early 1900s, (not that I was part of it to know, but movies tell us a lot right?)

So for those of you who like me, didn’t know this- Nightmares On Wax is the stage name of DJ EASE from Leeds, England.

And so you have it; playlist #63.

Until next time then folks!

Happy Listening!


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