New playlist for you! And this one will be quick.

MIAFirst one on this list is a really peppy upbeat track by Sri Lankan M.I.A, and is called Paper Planes. I’m pretty sure you already know the track.

I had heard this one years back, when it came out, and then conveniently forgotten about it. It was nostalgic for me when a friend recently shared the song with me. Decided to immediately put it on a list.

Second song is something that was suggested to me as well. And like I always do, a Freak Kitchennew song to me, which I really dig, I put on a playlist to share with the rest of the world. That’s how the circle works anyway right?

This one is called My New Haircut and is by a Swedish band called Freak Kitchen.

It’s too early and I’m too under-educated about the band to actually talk about them and give you my “opinions”; so go on and just enjoy this one. It’s good, I swear!

MorcheebaI thought I’ll give you something a little more pensive after those two energetic tracks, and so I settled on Riverbed by Morcheeba.

So I’ve heard quite a few songs by this trip-hop/electronica/rock band from London, and Riverbed struck me as the most unique sounding. It features Norwegian musician Thomas Dybdahl on voice; and what a unique voice he has!

Lots of song suggestions on this playlist I just realized. Anyway..Zaho

This next one is by Algerian R&B musician popularly known by her stage name Zaho, and is called Tourner La Page.

I really really like the sound of this woman’s voice, especially on this song. And the French on her sounds so exquisite. You’ve got to listen to the song to agree with me. (I am that confident about you liking the song).

MobyAnd the last one for today is a very popular soundtrack by none other than The Man wrt. soundtracks. It’s Moby with Extreme Ways.

If you’re clenching fists trying to recall where you’ve heard this one, let me save you the trouble. Extreme Ways serves as soundtrack on the Bourne series of movies.

Like most other soundtracks by Moby, this one brings about a set of emotions as well. For me, it’s an energy and aggressive feeling that I think I’m explaining too vaguely. It’s more like a push to get up and do something I am hesitating doing.

Something like that anyway.

So I hope you enjoy the songs I’ve shared with you today. I’ll be back soon with 5 more.

Happy Listening!


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