Hey there.

Another playlist coming your way- 

Sarah McLachlanRecently heard this one by Sarah McLachlan and I knew I just had to share it with you. The song is called Surrender and Certainty, and is from the lady’s 2014 album ‘Shine On’. The entire album is really beautiful to listen to in general. I’ve only heard some of the tracks off the album, and only a few times.

What I love about this song is the melody line. It’s so gentle and memorable. It’s a really good song to unwind to after a long day.

This second song on today’s playlist was suggested to me by a really good friend ofMatthew Good Band mine. I’d heard it a long time back and had immediately put it on my to-share-list but never got to actually sharing it until now. The song is called Weapon and is by Canadian alternative rock band Matthew Good Band.

I really like Matthew Good’s voice. It’s like there is this power creepily lurking underneath and he doesn’t show it. With regard to the song, I actually prefer the first minute and half of it; before the track turns heavy. Not that the heavy part isn’t nice or anything.

Kings Of LeonAhhh… Kings Of Leon now with Closer.

I’ve been wanting to share this one for a long time now but I kept forgetting. Kings Of Leon are one of the very few bands I have a hard time describing and frankly understanding. They are good. No. They are amazing. The sounds they deliver are exquisite and always a pleasure to listen to. There’s also so much originality, talent, variety, and depth to their music. Caleb Followill has such a rare voice. And coupled with that Southern Tennessee accent of his, it’s just perfect.

Aussie band The preatures from the 00s now for you with their song Pale Rider.The Preatures

I’ll be honest with you. This band reminds me of the 60s American rock band Jefferson Airplane. To add to that similarity I see in musical styles, there’s the lead vocalist of The Preatures Isabella Manfredi, who sounds a lot like Jefferson Airplane’s Grace Slick. Both very expressive vocalists with really rare voices.

Thought I’ll leave you with a really fun upbeat jumpy track from 2002. It’s Hey Ya by Outkast.

OutkastSo according to what I just read about this song, it was written by Outlast’s  André 3000, and the music video for the song features just him playing all 8 members of the band that performs the track. The song also won the award for Best Urban/Alternative Performance at the 46th Grammy Awards.

So there you have it. Another playlist from me. I’ll talk to you again real soon.

Until then.

Happy Listening!


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