So the only reason I’m so free right now, to be able to share a playlist two days in a row, is because I’m home on term break. The way I see it, I might as well get as much done while I am leisurely able to do so. Right?

My household is a big fan of Playing For Change. We have a massive collection of Playing For Changetheir tracks and every now and then when I hear one that really appeals, I immediately put it on my “to-share-list”. For today, it’s their rendition of Gimme Shelter.

While you listen to the songs I share, it would also be nice if you watched the videos along with. Especially videos like this one. That’s some really talented folk right there!

Here’s another one that is probably not new to you, but I decided to share it anyway, having heard it very recently.

OasisOasis with Little By Little.

I have tried before, but I can’t rate Oasis songs by favourites. There is frankly no such thing to me. They’re all so unique and appeal so differently at different circumstances. Right now, listening to it as I talk about it, I’m thinking “This has got to be one of their best tracks. Hell, it must be their best.” First part’s true. Second? Meh. I say that whatever Oasis song I’m listening to.

Noel Gallagher sounds really good.


This song has a special place in my heart. Naw, nothing romantic. Just that I was Howie Dayprobably 12 or 13 when I heard this acoustic version of it, and I’d also just learnt to play guitar, so I spent a lot of time listening to it on ear phones and playing along. Over and over.

It’s Howie Day with his acoustic cover of Collide.

There’s no denying that anyone would like this song. It’s got elements of everything anybody could be looking for.

Keren AnnAll of a sudden, there’s way too many Keren Ann songs I want to share with you. I’ve got L‘onde amere right now for you, and there’s three other of her songs on above mentioned “to-share-list”.

I really like Keren Ann’s voice. It’s husky, in a way. Now that I think about it, nearly all the French female vocalists I’ve heard have similar voices. Coupled with the accent, I think it sounds incredible!

If you understand French, you’ll find this song has a beautiful message. it talks about losing and the feeling of not having anything to lose anymore which could be scarier.

And finally, another song that you’ve most probably heard (from the movie MarleyBruce Lash & Me). It’s Bruce Lash’s cover of Nirvana’s Lithium.

I’ve heard quite a number of artists cover this song, and among all, I really really like Bruce Lash’s cover. He’s managed to turn the whole song around and turn it into a breath of fresh air.


So that’s my next playlist for you. I intend to write again tomorrow, so I’ll talk to you again real soon.

Until then.

Happy Listening!


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