Hello world.

I know it’s been close to a month (or probably more) since my last post. All apologies for that massive delay. If only the situation was in my control.

Here’s the playlist I’ve put together for today, hoping it makes it up to you some-

Ed SheeranThe first one on the playlist is Ed Sheeran with Make It Rain. I have to be honest here- I am not much of an ‘Ed Sheeran’ person. So imagine my surprise when this song got shared with me by a friend and I found that it was in fact a really good song! Ed sounds amazing all through!

The song ‘Make It Rain’ was originally written and composed by Foy Vance but was made famous by Ed Sheeran in 2014 when it was used in the television series Sons of Anarchy.

Listening to Foy Vance’s version of the track right now, I urge you to make time and check it out. It’s beautiful! His voice is something else altogether; the blues just reverberating all through. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wRnkFeywfBE

I watched the live performance video of this next song that I’m sharing with you, and Man! Was I blown away or what!

It’s Canadian progressive rock band Rush with their 1980 masterpiece The Spirit Of Radio.Rush

I don’t intend to say too much and ruin the sheer joy of experiencing something this brilliant. If you’ve already heard the track before, you’ll know what I mean.

FYI, if you are watching the video that I’ve shared on the playlist (which frankly I think you should be doing), it was filmed in 2007; all three of those men up there being well into their mid-50s. Neil Peart on drums is kinda hard to not pay attention to. The man is Drum-God to many a drummers I know.

You could also look up the lyrics of the track. They’re very Very cool.

Michael BUbleThere’s something very mesmerizing and touching about the song End of May by Michael Bublé. Mr. Bublé has always had the voice of an angel; the kind that can modulate by just the right amount in order to convey just the required amount of emotion and feeling. If you close your eyes and listen to ‘End of May’ on your headphones, drowning out the rest of the world for about 4 odd minutes, you’ll experience exactly what I am failing miserably at describing.

Someday Michael, I intend to cover this track, and I’m probably being over-reaching, but I would like to deliver a track just as beautiful as this.

This is a track from Crazy Love Hollywood Edition, the re-released version of Canadian vocalist Michael Bublé’s fourth studio album. The song was originally recorded by Seattle folk-rock band The Actual Tigers on their 2001 album, Gravelled & Green. Bublé told Billboard magazine that the song “is so beautiful I can’t even tell you. I think it might be one of the best vocal performances I’ve ever given. If I could go back I probably would have replaced something (on the album) with this song.”


There’s a very big chance you’ll recognize this next track. If not for the artist and other details, Toad The Wet Sprocketyou’ll at least know you’ve heard it somewhere before. (You must have heard it on the movie ‘Jobs’). The song is called Walk On The Ocean and is by American 80s alternative rock band Toad The Wet Sprocket.

There are so many things I like about this song. One, the kind of emotion it brings about, though inexplicable, is beautiful. Two, it has a really nice melody line. Three, it sounds very much like the early 90s song that it is. I am a 90s kid, so there’s a lot of nostalgia when I hear this one. I had heard it play occasionally on WorldSpace satellite radio back in the day, so when I heard it again during the movie, I was so excited! Four, Glen Phillips’ voice is wow!

Here’s hoping all you other 90s kids out there share this feeling with me.

I Will, I SwearI honestly don’t know/ don’t remember how I know of the orchestral pop band ‘I Will, I Swear’ from Belgium. The song I’m sharing with you is called Long Days.

This band consisted of duo Jonathan Van Landeghem and Fien Deman. Their music falls into genres like post-rock, ambient, chillout, indie, and orchestral pop.

I love how melancholy this song is. Fien Deman’s voice is so gentle and beautiful. The track is almost haunting.

So there’s playlist #56 for you. I apologize again for the delay in posting. I hope you enjoy listening to these tracks as much as I have enjoyed listening to them over and over while writing this piece.

Happy Listening!


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