Hey there!

I’m back again with a brand new playlist just for you-

Jake BuggTo start things off I chose to give you a really nice track by a really young and excessively talented English musician, Jake Bugg. The song Two Fingers is from the man’s self-titled 2012 album. This album reached #1 on the UK Album charts.

To tell you a little more about Jake Bugg, he plays a variety of instruments, finds musical influence in artists like Jimi Hendrix, The Beatles, Johnny Cash, Don McLean, to name a few. To quote Rolling Stone- “Bugg’s voice sounds more like it was run through a rusty 1950s stage mic than a digital workstation.” But if you ask me, Jake Bugg has a unique unforgettable voice; a lot like Bob Dylan’s.

Some good old Rock&Roll now with a song called Your Mama Don’t Dance by Loggins and Messina.Loggins and Messina

There’s a good chance you’ve already heard this song before. Good rock and roll is hard to miss. For me, this is one of those favourites in my 70s collection. The entire song tells a very interesting story of the the 1950s and 1960s lifestyle concerning the generation gap, where the parents oppose the Rock and Roll Revolution, of the younger generation, which includes the rebelliousness against the old society.

Pritam ChakrabortyHere’s a song from Bollywood that I enjoy listening to. If you know me well by now, listening to this song, you’ll know exactly why it appeals to me. 🙂

It’s called Mein Kya Karoon, and is from the 2012 hit Bollywood film Barfi.Nikhil Paul George

There’s several reasons I like this song. One, I really like the uptempo jazz aspect of the track. Second, the guy who sang the track has a really really nice voice. His name is Nikhil Paul George btw; and the general musical direction for the film was by Pritam Chakraborty. Third, it’s a good film. If you haven’t watched it, you should.

And now a song from a band that will always be among the favourites. It’s Gomez with Shot Shot.

GomezThe song is from the band’s 2002 album ‘In Our Gun’. As usual, Ian Ball sounds amazing. And frankly, for the kind of song that Shot Shot is, I cannot think of another vocalist delivering better.

The band is distinguished in having three singers and four songwriters, employing traditional and electronic instruments. Their sound is versatile and evades typical music genres falling into blues, indie, alternative, rock, folk, psychedelic and experimental.


PS. I just now noticed that a majority of songs on this week’s playlist don’t even make 3 minutes. I swear I did not plan this.

I was listening to a cover of this song by India Arie the other day, and I was so close to sharing that version with you. But then I had this sudden urge to listen to the original, and once I did, I decided to share the original itself. The song I am talking about is Don Henley’s The Heart Of The Matter.Don Henley

This song is off Don Henley’s third and best selling solo album ‘The End Of Innocence’. The song The Heart Of The Matter is one of the three Top 40 singles from the album.

In 2010, best-selling author Emily Giffin released preview copies of her novel, also titled, ‘Heart Of The Matter’, which many sources believe to be loosely based on the song’s core lyrics.


I wouldn’t know. I haven’t read the book. The song though, is awesome. So I hope you enjoying listening to it.

Another playlist thus closed. I will be talking to you again real soon.

Until then.

Happy Listening!


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