Just as I promised, I intend to make good all the posts that I missed publishing. Here’s playlist #51 for you-

The Red Jumpsuit ApparatusI had heard this song such a long time back, when we still listened to Worldspace satellite radio. I was quite young back then as well. I remember how much I enjoyed listening to it, both the Original and the acoustic versions. I am talking about The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus’ Face Down. I decided to share with you the acoustic version instead of the original. It has an appeal of its own. The original is great too. You should definitely go check that one out after you’ve heard this one.

Stir It Up for you now, by the man Bob Marley himself.Bob Marley

I don’t know a lot of people who don’t know of this man’s music, or of those who dislike him or the music. Such great stuff. Always.

Most of Bob Marley’s music, especially this one- Stir It Up makes me want to relax and unwind. Makes worrying seem so insignificant when you have great music to relax to. There’s also the song Three Little Birds that not only makes you feel comforted, but also talks about it. Go ahead and check that one out if you haven’t heard it before.

Kate WinsletI decided to share Kate Winslet’s debut single What If with you on this playlist.

Almost all the people I’ve shared this song with in the past have been significantly surprised. I was too, the first time I found out that Kate Winslet sings; and not just sings, but sings like an angel.

What If” is the debut single by English actress Kate Winslet. Released as a single in November 2001, it is taken from the animated film Christmas Carol: The Movie which is based on the Charles Dickens classic novel. Winslet provided the voice of Belle in the feature, which also stars Nicolas Cage, Jane Horrocks and Simon Callow.


Here’s one of my favourite Nine Inch Nails tracks of all time. It’s called Everyday Is Exactly The Same.Nine Inch Nails

I had probably heard this one back in the Worldspace days as well, I don’t remember exactly. What I do know is my association with this song hasn’t changed. What it meant to me back then, is exactly what it means to me even right now, as I listen to it.

The song talks about monotony, and it’s the kind of thing that everyone can very well relate too. That put aside, the structure this song takes is really amazing. The interlude on this song is what I really love. And then there’s Trent Reznor who is definitely one of the most expressive and flawless performers out there. His voice and vocal manner convey more than you thought possible.

The ScorpionsEvery time I listen to this song, it brings back memories of when I was in a band. I’m talking about The Scorpions’ and Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra’s rendition of Rock You Like A Hurricane.

I was introduced to this song by one my band mates, and we decided to cover it as well. We did not do justice to the track, I think we did one hell of a job trying to cover it though. Had a lot of fun in the process as well.Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra

Let me put it to you this way- I do not like the original Rock You Like A Hurricane that much. But this version of it? I can never get enough of. It  is one hell of a collaboration. Beautiful, extravagant, monumental and awe-inspiring are just a few of the words I think would be appropriate to use in this context.

So that’s it from me on this playlist. I will be back again shortly with a few more songs to share with you.

Until then.

Happy Listening!


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