I have been meaning to make time and share this playlist for about three weeks now but my circumstances being what they are, I just wasn’t able to. I really apologize for this long a delay. I’ve very recently moved into college and the whole tedious task of getting used to life here and settling in has not allowed me any time for extra-curriculars. (My word processor says “curriculars” is not a word, but I am choosing to use it here anyway).

All that having been said, I am very glad to be back to writing again. I plopped myself down at various places in my new campus and  new “home”, at various points of time during the past seven days to write this piece btw.

RazorlightI have shared a song by the Anglo-Swedish band Razorlight before. Today I’m sharing with you my second favourite song by them. It’s called Golden Touch.

It is hard for me to describe what I think makes this band’s music so unique and different from all the other indie rock bands out there. Lead vocalist Johnny Borrell’s voice and accent is probably the most obvious of those contributing factors. It’s one of those rare voices, and is the most unique thing about Razorlight in my opinion.

Vocals put aside, the song is great by itself. It’s got good structure and a really catchy melody. Go ahead and enjoy this one.

This second song is from the 70s new wave band The Boomtown Rats. It’s a really fun The Boomtown Ratssong with a really awesome musical score- you’ve probably heard it already. It’s called I don’t Like Mondays.

was a number one single in the UK Singles Chart for four weeks during the summer of 1979, and ranks as the sixth biggest British hit of 1979. Written by Bob Geldof, it was the band’s second number one single.


I am not going to say too much and ruin the song experience for you, whether you’ve heard it before already or not. I will only recommend that you pay attention to the music while you listen to it. Also enjoy those creative fun lyrics.

SoulflyThis song Karmageddon by Soulfly was purely experimental on my part when I put it on this playlist. I am well aware that music like this isn’t for everyone. I am still going to be optimistic some and hope you like the track. Be patient with it though.

I don’t really know how to put into words why this song made an impact on me. I just know that from the first time that I heard it playing on my stereo, I was drawn to it. There is something about tribal music that I really like. It’s probably that haunting feeling; and if you’re into that as well, trust me, there is plenty of it all through the 5 and a half odd minutes that this track lasts.

I’m pretty sure, like all other impacting songs that come out, Somebody I Used To GotyeKnow wore out in time. And to a lot of people, that is the only song they know Gotye for; which is why I decided to share the track Heart’s A Mess. Not only is the song really catchy, it’s also got Gotye at his vocal best. It even has a really creative music video.

The track is a single from Gotye’s second studio album ‘Like Drawing Blood’.

Paris Combo, Istanbul. © Jorge Fidel alvarez 2012The last song I have for you on this playlist is by Parisian group called Paris Combo- the track is called On n’a pas besoin.

Formed in 1995, Paris Combo is a group of 5 musicians who have musical influences that are very diverse. It is not really easy to place this group in a particular genre of music. Most of their music however, spans genres like Jazz, Retro, Latin, Gypsy and World music.

On n’a pas besoin (translates to English as “We Do Not Need”) is Track #1 from the group’s first album titled ‘Paris Combo’.

And that brings me to a close on this playlist. Again I apologize for the really long delay in posting. I will do my best to make sure that does not happen again.

I hope you love the music on this one.

Until next week then.

Happy Listening!


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