Hey people. I am extremely sorry about how much I’ve delayed with this post. I have absolutely no excuse. Nope.

Take a look at what I’ve put together for you this week (I hope the playlist can make it up for me):

OK GoThis first song takes me back at least 8 years- back to when I used to tune in to Worldspace Satellite Radio. Used to enjoy listening to it every single time it played. It’s American alternative rock band OK Go with their song Do What You Want.

First off, you should definitely watch the music video. It’s creative and super fun. Secondly, I doubt there’s a possibility where you will dislike this band and this song. They are such a fun energetic bunch, and it shows in all of their music.

Doesn’t it often seem like there is absolutely no hope for the world at the current ratePlaying For Change it’s going? Well it’s times like that that you should consider movements like Playing For Change and allow the feeling of renewed hope to take over. This song La Tierra Del Olvido does exactly that. It did with me at least.

La Tierra Del Olvido (Which translates as The Land Of Oblivion) is the seventh album by Colombian musician Carlos Vives. I’m listening to his original track right now and trust me, it’s just as beautiful as Playing For Changes’ (Not that different in structure really).

You should probably listen to both versions today.

Michae; Jackson & Lenny KravitzThis third track is one that was suggested to me. It’s Michael Jackson featuring Lenny Kravitz. The track is called (I Can’t Make It) Another Day.

There is no denying how much I respect Michael Jackson as a musician. The man was brilliant! I have not shared a Lenny Kravitz song here so far so you haven’t heard me talk of my respect for Mr. Kravitz before. 🙂

To put it all quite simply, I was unaware of this collaboration between these two artists until a friend suggested it and brought it to my notice; the minute I considered it though, I just knew it had to be really good.

I was right.

Giving you some good music from Scottish musician Paolo Nutini now. The track is Paolo NutiniJenny Don’t Be Hasty.

There are several reasons I love Paolo Nutini’s work. For one, I will shamelessly admit I enjoy unusual unique voices and accents. Nutini’s satisfies both those specifications. I simply love how he pronounces everything. Every. Single. Thing. 😀

On a serious note though, the man is really talented. Take this song for example- it’s catchy, features great vocals, evident emotion, and conveys an amusing story perfectly.

My brother was the one who introduced me to Israeli-born musician Keren Ann. There’s one song by her that I really really love listening to. It’s called Ailleurs. I watched the video the other day and it felt good. It’s one of those songs and videos that just leave you feeling all soft and wanting a fairy tale.

Keren AnnYou’ll know when you listen to this song.

The song is in French, and my French is only that good, so with as much as I could translate and understand, Keren Ann is talking about a far-away place she wants to be. ‘Ailleurs’ means ‘elsewhere’, so you make the connection.

It’s a pretty great song actually. You don’t need to understand it to feel it. It feels like a fairy tale like I already told you. I love Miss Ann’s voice as well. It’s gentle and dreamy.

So that’s playlist #45 for you. I hope you enjoy the tracks I’ve shared. I’ll talk to you again real soon.

Until then.

Happy Listening!


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