Hello world.

I think I’ve put together a really interesting and enjoyable playlist this week. I hope you think so too.

Heath BrandonI don’t exactly remember how I came to know the song When I’m Alone by contemporary Christian pop musician from Tennessee, Heath Brandon. But this much I do know- despite my current research showing that it’s one of his least popular songs, I am in love with it.

The track is off Brandon’s second studio album. released in 2008, ‘What If We’. The album received a Grammy Award nomination for Best Pop Gospel Album.

For me, I think this is one of those songs I would enjoy listening to when I’m looking for inner strength. I don’t consider the song in a particularly religious way, probably only spiritual. And since I really REALLY love key changes, the gradual build up and change of key on the track is what I look forward to each time I hear it.

Taking you back to the 80s now when Disco and bell-bottoms were still very much “in”. On thisMusic - Billy Ocean track? Mmm.. There’s more Funk to it than anything else, but it’s oh so 80s, you’ll be reliving the decade as you listen to it.

Billy Ocean with his 85′ Hit When The Going Gets Tough, The Tough Get Going.

There’s no way you haven’t heard this track somewhere at some point in your life right? It got even more popular after it was used as theme song for the 85′ Michael Douglas movie ‘Jewel Of The Nile’.

Here’s something fascinating I just found out about Billy Ocean- The man is a Trinidadian and Tobagonian British (try saying that out loud) national.

Anyway, go enjoy the song.

RadioheadI’ve told you enough about my love for the band Radiohead and the effect their music has on me. Having said that, I found it incredibly hard to hold back and not share this song with you this week. I’ve also been trying to cover it by myself on piano.

The song is called The Daily Mail.

A little trivia- ‘The Daily Mail/ Staircase’ was released as a single by the band in 2011. These two tracks were taken from the live video The King of Limbs: Live from the Basement (2011).

What I really love about The Daily Mail is how grand it sounds. The work on piano is very basic but sounds so substantial, especially as the song progresses from around a minute and 40 seconds or so.

American alternative rock band Lifehouse for you now with their second single from their fourth studio album ‘Who We Are’.  It’s Whatever It LifehouseTakes.

Written by the band’s lead singer Jason Wade, the song talks about how difficult it is to maintain a relationship. It’s quite a simple song; simple in structure and musical direction, but I enjoy listening to Jason Wade’s  mild “whiskey” voice over and over again. It’s just so clear and pleasant-sounding throughout the song. He sounds like he’s very much in control of it.

Nancy VieiraAnother song I’m not sure how I know. Damn it, I should probably start writing all these things down. Anyway, it’s Nancy Vieira with the song Tristalegria.

So I had some trouble reading through this page which is probably in Portuguese (no, I don’t know Portuguese) and I have discovered that Nancy Vieira is from the city of Bissau, of the Republic of Guinea-Bissau. She’s currently a resident of Portugal. But, don’t let me mislead you. I suggest you read up about this gorgeous lady if you’re interested to know more, here- http://www.lusafrica.com/4_1.cfm?p=342-nancy-vieira-cabo-verde

The song Tristalegria is from Nancy’s 2012 album ‘No Ama’.

I am absolutely confident that you will love this song.

And that closes another playlist. I’ll be sharing with you 5 more tracks in a few days from now.

Until then.

Happy Listening!


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