Hey there.

I’m back again with a whole new playlist to share with you. Take a look at what I’ve put together this week:

The Oh HellosThe first track on today’s playlist is one I heard about 5 days back. This other blogger I follow on WordPress had shared it and I thought it was simply beautiful music. Too beautiful to not share on my immediately next playlist.

Thanks fellow blogger!

The song is called Hello My Old Heart and is by The Oh Hellos.

The Oh Hellos are a folk rock brother-sister duo from Texas. Tyler and Maggie Heath. They’ve so far, released two albums. Tyler has been writing and recording his music independently since 2007, and has released three albums by himself before his sister joined him in 2011.

Apart from the general soothing nature of this track, I like Tyler’s voice. It’s a very clear effortless voice. Very pleasing to listen to.

I’m pretty sure you know Richard Marx for his song Right Here Waiting. But do you also Richard Marxknow his song Hazard? There is a good chance you do since he is also quite popular for this one.

Hazard is a single from Marx’s third studio album ‘Rush Street’, released in 91′. It peaked at #9 on the Billboard Hot 100 and was his third #1 hit on Billboard’s Adult Contemporary chart.

I have loved this song for quite some time now. Unlike the general lovey-dovey nature of Marx’s music, Hazard was written with a much darker concept in mind. It tells a beautiful story nonetheless; one you must experience yourself. So you must definitely pay attention to it. There’s also the man’s voice. Such flawless execution conveying so much emotion. I think I love the bridge on the song the most only because Marx’s voice sounds so raw and powerful.

Scars On BroadwayThis next song, I’d heard about 7 years back, when WorldSpace still broadcasted in Asia. It’s Scars On Broadway with their fist single They Say.

A little info on the band- Scars On Broadway was formed by former System Of A Down guitarist and backing vocalist Daron Malakian.

I had heard this one on radio soon after its release, and I’ve enjoyed listening to it since. (Yeah. I had great taste in music since forever :P). What I love about this one is that catchy Riff, Daron’s voice (I’ve always loved the man’s voice), and the general message that the song conveys.

Great song to head-bang to btw. Very consistent.

Next song is by a grossly underrated female musician from Maine- Sara Cox. NOT to be Sara Coxmistaken with the English newscaster Sarah Cox. I was pretty annoyed when all I found when searching for Sara Cox was Sarah Cox. :/ I ultimately found nothing about this musician on the internet to share with you, so that’s a bummer.

The song is called Hit The Wall.

I’m honestly not sure how I came to hear this song. I’ve been wondering that for myself for a while now; racking my brains because I just need to know! But nope. I’ve no idea. There’s a good chance I heard it on some radio station I was tuned in to but then there’s the question of which one. Aargh. Never mind. I’m pretty sure you’ll enjoy the song.

Josh GrobanThis last song was a last minute decision I made. I had already added another song on the playlist, but a friend, my music student and I have been working on it and while I sat at my PC listening to Josh Groban sing, I was entranced and just had to share.

I’m sure you’ve guessed which song I’m sharing.

You Raise Me Up was actually composed by the Irish-Norwegian duo Secret Garden. I’m not sure why their version didn’t get as popular because frankly, it is just as beautiful as Josh Groban’s.

And then Josh Groban sang it and melted all our hearts. 🙂

There’s not a lot I want to  say about this rendition, because I want you to listen to it and experience it in your own way. Songs like these hit each of us differently.

Thanks for the feedback on my previous playlist. It’s very much appreciated. You could always send me your feedback regardless of the situation.

I will talk to you in about a week.

Happy Listening!


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