Late with this week’s post, I know. Sorry about that. I hope the playlist I’ve put together can make up for it.

First song on the playlist is The man Robert Plant and bluegrass-country singer Alison Krauss with a track from their Grammy award winning album Robert Plant & Alison Krauss‘Raising Sand’. The song is Rich Woman.

The song Rich Woman though, was originally written by Dorothy LaBostrie and McKinley Millet and recorded in 1955.

All credit to having discovered this version of this song goes to my Dad btw.

Wir Sind HeldenTo make things a little interesting, I decided to share with you a German song; and the song I picked is by Berlin based pop rock band Wir Sind Helden. The track is called Denkmal.

I should probably tell you a little about this band. Wir Sind Helden was formed in 2000 and lasted only two years. I was a little confused regarding which of the two songs I’d heard that I should share here, but then I liked Denkmal better, so here it is.

If German sounds, accents, songs and the like are all new to you, be patient with the song. You might grow to like it.

I’m now sharing with you a song I simply love! You will find this particular track on almost all my playlists (except the only where I’m sulking). The song I’m talking about is September by the 70s hit band Earth, Wind & Fire.Earth Wind and Fire

You’ve probably heard this one before but despite that, I insist you listen again. It’s one of those feel good songs with a nice catchy rhythm and melody. Plus it’s just soo 70s disco, you’ll just want to kick back and jump around to it!

I wanted to share a little about the band but looking at this Wikipedia page right now, there’s just too much information and I can’t really choose. Here’s a snippet though-

Earth, Wind & Fire is an American band that has spanned the musical genres of R&B, soul, funk, jazz, disco, rock, Latin, African and gospel. They are one of the most successful and critically acclaimed bands of the twentieth century. Rolling Stone has described them as “innovative, precise yet sensual, calculated yet galvanizing” and has also declared that the band “changed the sound of black pop”

Thermal and A QuarterAnd now some blues for you by the Indian rock band Thermal and a Quarter. The track is called Jupiter Cafe.

From the Southern city of Bangalore, Thermal and a Quarter, formed in 1996 and has been creating music since. The band comprises Bruce Lee Mani (the band’s vocalist and lead guitarist), Rajeev Rajagopal (the drummer) and Leslie Charles (the man on bass and backing vocals).

I enjoyed listening to this track thoroughly, so I hope you do too.

Now normally, I would do the analyzing and sharing right here in this passage, but let’s make things interesting. I would like you to listen to Jupiter Cafe (as many times as necessary) and then leave a comment on this post telling me what you thought about it.

Vicci Martinez will close this playlist with her 2012 track, Come Along.Vicci Martinez

I’m not exactly sure how I came to hear this song. I tried looking for more information about it online but sadly can’t find any. What I did find out about Ms. Martinez though is that she has been a participant on several reality TV singing and competition series such as American Idol, Star Search and The Voice.

Anyway, I like the song. It’s very much pop, but it’s catchy, has a nice melody and good lyrics. I dig Vicci Martinez’s voice as well.

And that brings me to the close of another playlist. Do tell me what you think about that song Jupiter Cafe. Oh, and you could tell me about any other song as well.

Until next week.

Happy Listening!


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