Hey there!

Finally made time to write this week’s playlist with you. Oddly, my playlist had been ready since over a week. I just kept procrastinating and prioritizing really badly.

First song I’m giving you on this playlist is Marc Cohn with his Grammy winning song Walking In Memphis.Marc Cohn

I have been in love with this song since forever. And for good reason. The song became Cohn’s biggest hit, peaking at #13 on the Billboard Hot 100. Listening to it again right now, typing in this bit for you, the song makes me want to get out and take a walk, and really live the little moments in life.

The piano on the track is just so exquisite! Makes the track seem a little gospel-like, but a beauty in all aspects anyway!

The FratellisThis song will be my second one from The Fratellis for you. I was a little undecided between two songs of theirs, but then I settled on this. The track is called For The Girl.

The track is from the band’s debut album ‘Costello Music’ which was a success, peaking at #2 in the UK Albums Chart and spent 83 weeks in the Top 100.

It debuted behind FutureSex/LoveSounds by Justin Timberlake and stayed in the #2 position for two more weeks, this time behind Ta-Dah by Scissor Sisters.


Most of the good stuff I’ve heard by The Fratellis is from this album, so be sure to check it out when you get the time.

I don’t think I’ve ever shared stuff by a Danish musician with you so here’s my first- Agnes Obel with Over The Hill.Agnes Obel

You might need a bit of an intro about this woman. Like I already told you, she’s a Danish born folk/ classical singer and songwriter. Her debut album came out in 2010; and at the Danish Music Awards in November 2011, she won five prizes: Best Album, Best Pop Release, Best Debut Artist, Best Female Artist and Best Songwriter.

I honestly have no clue how I know this song or this musician. I intend to ask my brother if he has a clue when I get the chance. 🙂 But, I’m glad I heard the track on my iPod; and because of which, you get to listen to it now. Win-win everywhere.

Melissa EtheridgeMelissa Etheridge now with I’m The Only One.

This woman really needs no introduction. She’s been flooring people with that voice of hers since the 80s! I’m The Only One is her biggest hit yet. It reached #8 on the Billboard Hot 100 and number one on the Adult Contemporary charts in January 1995.

Etheridge has also received fifteen Grammy Award nominations, winning two, and an Academy Award. In September 2011, she received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

It disgusts me how little the band Gomez are known. I mean just a few days back, when I was looking for a Gomezgood picture of the band to share here and I typed in ‘Gomez’, I honestly expected to see pictures of the band come up.

All I’m saying is if I really wanted pictures of Selena Gomez, I’d have typed ‘Selena Gomez’ in the first place. Ugh!

Anyway, back to Gomez. This is one band that sadly is least recognised and applauded. Their music is simply beautiful! Take the song See The World for example- all 4 minutes and 4 seconds of it are precious to my ears.

You’ll probably recognize the track from the sitcoms House M.D. or Bones.


And so another playlist comes to a close. Go ahead and enjoy the music here, I’ll be back again in a week with a whole new playlist.

Happy Listening!


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