A little late with my post this week. I’m sharing with you only 5 songs but I hope you think they’re great. Here’s what the playlist looks like-

82897B1.TStarting things off I have Tori Amos with Cornflake Girl.

Tori Amos is an American singer-songwriter, pianist and composer who has been nominated for a Grammy eight times. The song Cornflake Girl was released as the first single from her second studio album ‘Under The Pink’ and reached #4 on the UK Singles Chart in the year of it’s release.

I love the piano work on this track. I just read that Tori Amos started playing the piano at 2 years of age. At age 5, she won a scholarship to the Peabody Conservatory in Baltimore, Maryland, becoming the youngest person ever admitted.I think her voice is pretty impressive as well; such an extensive range.

Now a song that got insanely famous in the year 2001 alongside the release of the Bollywood movie Dil Chahta Hai. Shankar Ehsaan LoyThe song is called Dil Chahta Hai and is track #1 on the movie’s soundtrack (also named Dil Chahta Hai). Lyric were written by Javed Akhtar and composed by Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy.

I’m not really fond of a lot of Bollywood music for the most obviously of reasons, but tracks like this one are simply amazing and make me wonder why they come around so rarely. Anyway, I’d never have shared this if it weren’t for the gym that I go to. The trainer there had it playing on his stereo and it immediately struck me as a really awesome song. Plus, I realized I knew it from before. A friend would sing it a lot back in the day.

I found this little bit of text that perfectly speaks my mind on the song-

Dil Chahta Hai is considered to be path-breaking and one of the best soundtracks to have emerged in contemporary Indian music. The soundtrack stayed away from traditional Bollywood sounds and instead set a new standard for edgy, rock-influenced sounds. The way Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy used thickly layered orchestration and conveyed meaning through Timbre, Pitch and Melody rather than text, was then, probably new to Bollywood. Planet Bollywood’s 100 Greatest Bollywood Soundtracks Ever read, “What made Dil Chahta Hai album special at that time was that it was an experimental album and it worked a huge way.”


I haven’t watched the movie till date but I’ve heard it’s quite good. Maybe it’s time I watched it.

The KillersSome American rock for you now with The Killers and their debut track Mr. Brightside.

The track is from their album Hot Fuss which released in the year 2004. It was named “Song of the Decade” by UK radio stations Absolute Radio and XFM, and in April 2010 Last.fm revealed that it was the most listened to track since the launch of the online music service, with over 12.2 million plays “scrobbled”. It is also The Killers’ best-selling song in the US, where it has sold over 3 million copies. In the United Kingdom it is one of the top fifteen most downloaded rock tracks ever.

All those stats should mean only one thing to you- if you haven’t heard this song before, go listen now! If you have, well go listen again!

Susie Arioli now with a beautiful slow jazz piece called Lumière De Nuit.Susie Arioli

A little about Arioli- She is a Canadian jazz singer from Montreal and has been nominated for three Juno awards. The track Lumière De Nuit is track #8 from the lady’s 2008 album Night Lights.

I don’t really remember how and why I know this song, but my best guess is I must have heard it when tuned into a lounge or chillout station sometime back. I hope you enjoy the track.

Peter Bjorn and JohnI’m now sharing with you a song you’ve either heard on sitcoms like Grey’s Anatomy, Gossip Girl or How I Met Your Mother, or you heard it on FIFA 08. That’s where my brother heard it anyway and then eventually so did I. The track is called Young Folks and is by Peter Bjorn and John.

Peter Bjorn and John (unofficially abbreviated as P B & J) are a Swedish indie-Victoria Bergsmanpop band, formed in Stockholm in 1999 and named after the first names of the band’s members: Peter Moren, Björn Yttling and John Eriksson, known in his solo work as Hortlax Cobra. They are best known for the 2006 single “Young Folks”, which featured Victoria Bergsman, formerly of The Concretes, and was a top 20 hit in the UK Singles Chart.

That’s this week’s playlist for you. I hope you enjoy it. I’ll talk to you in about a week again.

Happy Listening!


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