I think it’s safe to assume my life is very much back to normal. Normal being a state where I can make more time for the blog, thus sharing more “invaluable insight”.

That having been said, I have carefully put together this week’s playlist for you.

I’ve been misunderstanding the band Blue Öyster Cult for a long time now. It’s a shame really, it’s such great music, such great style, and I’ve only Blue Oyster Cultneglected it. The song I’m sharing with you is called Burnin’ For You from the band’s Platinum album ‘Fire Of Unknown Origin’, released in 1981.

Since the release of their debut album in 1972, Blue Öyster Cult has sold over 24 million albums worldwide, including 7 million in the United States alone. The band’s music videos, especially Burnin’ For You, received heavy rotation on MTV, cementing the band’s contribution to the development and success of the music video in modern pop culture.

You’ll appreciate the impressive structure of this song once you listen to it. Blue Öyster Cult in my opinion, is the perfect blend of hard rock from the 80s and hard rock now.

Kate BushKate Bush for you now with Babooshka.

Before you misunderstand me, let me make it clear. I DO NOT enjoy high-pitched squeaky voices, and the general direction my musical tastes are inclined to will prove my point. But Kate Bush, is something else. Both, my brother and I enjoy her music. It must be the eclectic and quirky nature of her music. Take this track for example. You cannot but help singing out loud with Kate Bush as she squawks “Babooshka Babooshka Babooshka-ya-ya!”

I hope you enjoy this one as much as I do.

I love Godsmack. Everything about the band in fact. From the haunting tribal sounds to Sully Erna’s hypnotic powerful voice. The song I’ve chosen forGodsmack you is from their third studio album Faceless. It’s called Straight Out Of Line.

According to Erna, the song is about the people changing around you that expect you to be different because the band’s grown and been successful and toured.


Crowded HouseCrowded House now with Weather With You.

Ah. Crowded House. I’ve this childhood memory of the song Don’t Dream It’s Over. And then all those covers that were just as nice to listen to. The memory of having listened to these tracks when I was young makes me smile. Good times.

The track Weather With You was released as a single from the band’s third album ‘Woodface’.

I just found this bit of information just now. Crowded House was an Australian band. That knowledge changes things. I always thought they were American. Rather, I was content with the idea of them being American.

If Crowded House is new to you, which I seriously doubt but anyway; I’ll guarantee you’ll love this band.

I’ve been itching to have this song on a playlist for over a month now but never found the right place for it. ITool don’t think this is the perfect spot either but I just couldn’t wait. I’m talking about Stinkfist by Tool.

My musical taste is all over the place I know. Judge me if you will, but this is the genre of music I thrive on. Tool being at the center of it all.

Like every other track by the band, Stinkfist has some pretty deep lyrics and a disturbing and hard to interpret viewer-discretionary video.

Here’s something interesting I found-

The extensive use of David Lynch-esque dark surrealism coupled with highly suggestive lyrics that were so potent that MTV wouldn’t even use the song’s original name for fear of causing offence. Instead they relied on their VJs’ sticking a fist in the air and giving it a good sniff when introducing the song as “track number one” during it’s heavy rotation on the station in the mid-to-late-90s.


Thievery Corporation in Washington DCI was listening to this chillout playlist being broadcast on Grooveshark about two months back and the guy had on quite an impressive playlist. That is where I met Thievery Corporation and this song Lebanese Blonde.

I loved the brilliant blend between Indian, Mid-Eastern and Western sounds on the track. Mid-Eastern being the most prominent. I hope you like it.

I decided to close this week’s playlist off with The Beatles and their 1966 track Eleanor Rigby.The Beatles

Primarily written by McCartney and just over 2 minutes in length, this is definitely my favourite Beatles song. It’s deep and always makes me think, no matter how many times I’ve heard it so far. The lyrics are just so simple really. But the simplicity of it is what startles me. It conveys more than most songs that try to do, do. And then there’s the prominent use of a stringed section. Truly remarkable.

That’s playlist #29 for you. I’m guessing there are one or two songs in there that might not appeal to a lot of people, but for the majority part, I hope you like the tracks I’ve shared.

Happy  Listening!


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