Hey there!

Back again this week with 7 more sounds I’d like to share with you- 

I decided to start off with Zakk Wylde and a mellow beautiful track- I Thank You Child.Zakk Wylde

You’ll know Zakk Wylde best from the 60s while with Ozzy Osborne, and then from the band Black Label Society which he formed. Apart from these, he has made several solo appearances and performances. The song I Thank You Child is from Wylde’s ’96 solo album ‘Book Of Shadows’.

Unlike his work with Ozzy Osborne and Black Label Society, here Zakk Wylde shows a different side to his music; an introspective and mostly acoustic style recalling many of the lighter moments from his previous project, Pride & Glory as well as classic folk rock artists such as Neil Young.


The ParlotonesSecond song is one a friend suggested I listen to; I liked it quite a bit so it’s made this week’s playlist. It’s by the South African band The Parlotones and it’s called I’ll Be There.

I don’t know a lot about this band yet, I’ll Be There being the only track I’ve heard by the band. I like the range on vocalist Kahn Morbee. The song is rather predictable, it’s pretty much a standard pop-rock song with verse-chorus-verse-bridge-chorus. But what I like about the song is it’s unpredictable tone and melody. There’s also great balance between instruments, music and vocals. The song has a really nice colour to it, conveys some nice lyrics.

I’d heard Ben Howard on Absolute Radio with another track that got really popular ‘Keep Your Head Up’, but I decided to share a less popular track instead. So here’s Burgh Island for you.Ben Howard

If you ask me, Ben Howard is like an English Jack Johnson. The tone of his voice, his music, his guitar- they’re all very soothing and very folk. About the song Burgh Island.. I liked it the very first time I’d heard it. It’s very slow yes, but if you be patient with it, it transports you.

I really hope you like this track, not just because of how good-looking this man is.

(PS. There’s nearly two minutes of silence at the end of this track that you can skip. I wasn’t able to find an edited version on Grooveshark).

SupertrampNow for some good ol’ 70s with Supertramp and their hit Dreamer. I’ll be honest, I’m not a big Supertramp fan, but this song I really love! It’s just so much fun. It’s so random and full of the most fun noises and sounds.

I think the best thing for me about this song, is how it’s nothing like a typical song from the 70s. It’s got an unpredictable pattern, Builds up just as randomly as it softens. I love the voices on the track as well!

If you haven’t heard this one (which I doubt), I’m pretty sure you’ll like it.

This one is my favourite Dire Straits song. I can listen to it forever, have been listening to it since several years now and it only keeps getting better.Dire Straits

The song is called Brother In Arms.

I’m not going to talk about the song a lot and ruin the experience for you, even if you’ve heard it before, each listen is a new experience if you let the song feel you.

What I love most about the song is Knopfler’s delicate crooning of the song while his guitar renders the most perfect echo yet.

Norah JonesI realise most of my playlist this week is soft unwinding music. I hope you like that. This next track is a perfect example to soft jazzy unwinding music- it’s Norah Jones with Don’t Know Why.

I’ve loved Norah Jones ever since I was a kid. Her voice is just so gentle, and her fingers on the piano, just so delicate and perfect. Together, her voice and the piano make the best sounds one could ask to hear.

This track has a nice direction to it, makes me envision dinner in a beautiful ambient restaurant, this song playing softly in the background.

Last song for today is called America and is by the band Razorlight. I thought this was a perfect song to close a playlist with.Razorlight

Razorlight is an English Indie-rock band from the 00′. ‘America’ is the fourth track to the band’s self-titled album ‘Razorlight’.

The meaning of this song is a little ambiguous. Go ahead and try to interpret though, it’s really well written. It was written by the band’s drummer Andy Burrows. Lyrics aside, the rest of the song is really impressive. I like the melody, I like lead vocalist Johnny Borell’s voice, there’s an evident excitement and energy in it. I also love the general direction of the song. It’s beautiful!

There you have it, the 7 songs for this week. I hope you have a nice rest of the week, and enjoy my music. I’ll see you again soon.

As always, until then.

Happy Listening!


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