It’s a rather short week this time since my last playlist was out late. Here’s playlist 14:

I decided to start the playlist off with some good blues. It’s The White Stripes with Ball And Biscuit. Heard this one yesterday and it sounded so perfect at around 7 pm, so good to The White Stripeshave blues at any time of day really, but anyway. This one sounds quite a bit like a George Thorogood song ignoring the distortion on guitar and contrasting playing techniques.

The White Stripes have written so many amazing tracks that I love listening to. Jack White, you genius of a musician you.

KornSecond song for today is some Nu metal- Korn with Falling Away From Me. Now I know a lot of people don’t appreciate music like this, but I’ve always enjoyed Korn and the abstract terrifying nature of their music. I chose Falling Away From Me because I think the song has great musical direction.

This song might be familiar if you’re a South Park fan. The theme of the track is anti-domestic violence.

You have to appreciate lead vocalist Jonathan Davis’ vocal abilities. His ability to growl like no other has always left me mystified.

If Korn was too heavy for you, here’s a nice soothing lounge track called Visions Of Beauty by Gee Saloo. I heard this for the first time yesterday morning. I’ve been tuning in to Downtempo and Lounge music while I study, and this one caught my attention.Buddha Chillout Lounge

Asian instruments always sounded simply amazing to me, this track has elements of Asian culture that make you envision greenery and soothing mandolins all around you. I like how it falls within the very ambit of the term Downtempo Lounge Music, it’s classical, it’s got a driving beat that instills a sense of soothing and relaxing, and I believe it does contain visions of beauty in it.

Fleetwood MacAnd now for some good ol’ Fleetwood Mac. This one is my favourite Fleetwood Mac song, it’s called Gold Dust Woman. The song is from the band’s best-selling 1977 album ‘Rumours’, and was written and sung by Stevie Nicks.

This track is honestly just as relaxing and downtempo as the previous one I shared by Gee Saloo. It has some really nice guitar work, otherwise is a simple but beautiful song. Doesn’t needlessly build into anything, takes it’s own pace, Stevie Nicks sounds amazing as always. The backing voices on this one are quite impressive as well.

So now for some good punk rock, it’s the American 90s band Goldfinger with their cover of 99 Red Balloons.Goldfinger

I think I’d heard this song over 10 years back; a friend of my brother’s suggested this version over the Original by the German band Nena (which is a good version by itself). Having said that, yeah, this is a really well done cover of a classic 80s song. I love lead vocalist John Feldmann’s voice! It’s just so rich and powerful at the same time. Very American as well. There’s also some very impressive drumming work throughout the song. The overall musical direction and composition of the song is really cool. It’s unpredictable and very catchy.

Lacuna CoilI wanted to share this track with you last week but somehow it didn’t fit in there too well. So anyway, on playlist #14, it’s Lacuna Coil with Comalies.

I’d been introduced to Lacuna Coil about 7 years or so back, and I was told they’re a much better Evanescence. I don’t mean to compare two good bands, but I prefer Lacuna Coil over Evanescence too. Amy Lee is gifted, but I believe Cristina Scabbia from Lacuna Coil has a richer darker tone in her voice, which I simply love!

The band is from the Italian city of Milan, from the 90s, and their music comprises genres of mostly gothic-metal and alternative-metal.

The song Comalies is a lingual mix of Italian and English, and the Italian on Scabbia sounds lovely.

Last song on this playlist is from the classic Southern Rock band from the 60s, Lynyrd Skynyrd. The track is called Gimme Three Steps.Lynyrd Skynyrd

The song Gimme Three Steps is from the band’s 1973 debut album. It got really popular, but is not the song that brought the band worldwide recognition. The tracks that did that were Sweet Home Alabama and Free Bird.

At the peak of their success, three members died in an airplane crash in 1977, putting an abrupt end to the band’s most popular incarnation.


This song is pretty catchy and very amusing if you pay attention to the story that’s being sung out.

So there’s this week’s song shares for you. I know I’ve not been writing a lot, you will have to excuse me. I’ve been a little busy off-late and will continue to have too little time to devote to the blog for the next few weeks.

Until next week.

Happy Listening!


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