A week goes by so fast! Here I am, already sharing playlist #12 with you.

First song for today is sure to add just the right amount of 80s groove and the energy I’m looking to start off with. It’s Daryl Hall & John Oates with I Can’t Go For That.Daryl Hall & John Oates

If you haven’t heard this song before but you’re thinking “That sounds so familiar”, you might have heard Simply Red’s Sunrise; that song is just as classy!

Coming back to the Hall and Oates original, it went viral early in the 80s and despite how it’s not as popular now, it’s probably still one of the best Dance Club songs from the 80s. You just HAVE to appreciate the genius in this song. There’s outstanding vocals and the balance between the voice, backing vocals and musical backing is just perfect. It borders Complex and Annoying but stays just within the Complex-Pleasing line.

Go ahead and enjoy the track!

I decided to put this track second because there’s a good chance any later on the playlist would’ve brought it out less. I’m sharing Wires by the English band Athlete.

AthleteI really like this song. I’ve known it for over two year now I think, and I still listen to it as much as I did then. There’s just something about really simple music put together to form such an abstract picture. The lyrics are rather sad but lead vocalist Joel Pott does a really good job capturing the emotion on the song. There are these very blunt fillers that just add more appeal to the song for me.

Third song is one from the 70s, one by the very popular Billy Joel. It’s called Keeping The Faith.Billy Joel

Billy Joel really needs no introduction. The man, since his first hit single Piano Man from 1973, has continued to impress with the sheer talent and beauty of his music. I chose Keeping The Faith because it’s probably one of his songs that’s not heard too often, and it deserves the attention.

Listen to that controlled yet powerful pleasing voice and the funky synth in the background. I like the tune the best. It’s so 80s, yet so unique from the rest of the 80s.

I’d heard a very mellow jazz version of this song just two days back, it was sung by Linda Calise. I didn’t find that version easily available to share so I settled for The Beautiful South. The song is Dream A Little Dream.

The Beautiful SouthThis is a popular song of course, you’ve probably heard some version of it. There are covers by Louis Armstrong, Ella Fitzgerald, Mama Cass Elliot, The Mamas & The Papas, Robbie Williams, and a bunch of other popular artists. I like The Beautiful South version. It was covered by the band for their 2001 album Solid Bronze, and they also released a French version of the song for the movie French Kiss.

What I like best about this version of this song is Jacqui Abbott’s voice. Those are some pipes!

I’ve been a little obsessed with this song this week and I thought it would be perfect on a playlist I’m sharing as well. The song is Turning Japanese by The Vapors.The Vapors

This song is such a lot of fun! I’ll admit today’s playlist is very dominated by 80s music, but I don’t think that should matter. Turning Japanese is the only song the band The Vapors are known for.

I think the lyrics are hysterical, and so is the music. Pay close attention to all that David Fenton sings and the manner in which he sings it, it’ll amuse you I guarantee. Replicating Japanese sounds on a bunch of non ethnic instruments is not easy, The Vapors do it really well. There’s that element of hilarity to it.

On the whole, great one-hit wonder song!

Led ZeppelinAfter all the 80s disco and funk, I’m giving you Led Zeppelin with No Quarter.

No Quarter in my opinion, has elements of all my favourite psychedelic progressive rock bands. It starts off like a typical Radiohead song, turning into a Pink Floyd Intro line when the drums begin, and then there’s Radiohead again. With the vocal line comes in what sounds to me like Tool with one of their less popular but just as hypnotic tracks. Robert Plant’s distinct voice cannot be missed though. From there on, it just sounds like Radiohead, Pink Floyd and Tool all together. The interlude on this song is just so brilliant and beautiful. Again, to me there’s elements of all the bands I mentioned above.

It’s only after the interlude that I start to see traces of Led Zeppelin creeping in and then taking over.

And the invader stays.

Another funky song from the yesteryears. 😀 It’s Elton John with Honky Cat.Elton John

I heard this one yesterday after a long time which is why it’s on my playlist today. I think my choice of songs reflect really well on how I’m feeling Yes?

There’s just no words to express how much of a musical genius this man is. I personally admire his work on the piano. Not just on Honky Cat (which is flawlessly brilliant btw), but stands out on most of his songs.

Honky Cat makes you want to put on a 70s costume, a big afro wig, turn on the crazy disco lights, turn the music up loud and dance away!

So that’s playlist #12 for you. I know I went full Retro today, I hope you enjoy the playlist nonetheless. I look forward to talking to you in about 7 days.

Until then,

Happy Listening!


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