I had a bit of free time on my hands this evening so I decided to share with you my next playlist. Here you go-

The CardigansThe first track for today is My Favourite Game by The Cardigans. This Swedish rock band from the 90s are something you should definitely check out if you haven’t already. Really good music. I wouldn’t say they’re alternative rock or indie rock, but those are the genres they’re listed for anyway. A good mix of electronic music and soothing female vocals, and you have some really rad upbeat music. I personally love working out to The Cardigans.

A great song to start a playlist off in my opinion.

I have to give my brother credit for this song here because if not for him, despite having heard it on AbsoluteKodaline Radio, I would have underrated the song High Hopes by the Irish band Kodaline. The band formed in 2005, was initially called 21 Demands. ‘Kodaline’ came around only in the year 2011.

There’s nothing that isn’t great about High Hopes. The song carries a really nice theme and message with it, it follows very simple predictable patterns but lead vocalist Steve Garrigan’s voice is so emotion laden, it’s amazing and it touches you. And I love how defined his accent is!

Not the most astounding of songs, but a really good song nonetheless!

Third song for today is a suggestion by a friend. It’s Iron Maiden with Journeyman.

Iron MaidenNow I admit Iron Maiden is predictable if you’ve heard them enough, and thus, despite great music, you tend to get a wee bit tired of the monotony. I’d never heard Journeyman until about an hour back while doing my homework for the blog, and the first thing I’m thinking is “Hey, this song is actually a lot like a ballad that Iron Maiden didn’t write.” The general structure of most of Iron Maiden’s songs is there. There’s Bruce Dickinson’s so unique voice, there’s plucking and you see guitar plucking in several of the band’s music, but still, the song is quite unique. I somehow find traces of the band Kansas and the song Dust In The Wind. One thing that stands out on this track is it takes on a lot slower pace than most of the band’s other tracks.

Who hasn’t heard of David Bowie right? The man’s the most versatile person I’ve heard of, his contribution to music is David Bowietestament to that. There was a period where I thought this song, Young American was by Bob Seger, because it sounds like a Bob Seger song!

The song Young American is really cool though. It’s just so happy and celebratory. Bowie sounds so good, and those backing choir ladies add so much more appeal to the track. I like the tune on the song, I like how it sounds like R&B and Gospel and it isn’t, I like the bridge where there’s that change in key and beautiful sax. I like even more how the song comes back to original key and rhythm. David Bowie is a vocal genius. The more you listen to this song, the more you want to sing along, and loud.

Here’s my last song for you today. It’s Cisco Kid by the band War.

WarI had a hard time believing this song is from the 70s. I had a harder time digesting the fact that War is a 60s band. Their sounds are so modern and funky.

I like Cisco Kid for several reasons. It’s really catchy, the story about ‘Cisco’ is actually quite amusing, the music is so abstract and unimportant, but it adds this really nice funk to the general structure of the song.

Great way to close a playlist!

I know I haven’t been going in as much detail about the shares any longer, forgive me; I get busy sometimes so time constraint plays a big part wrt how much I can communicate about the songs I share. I hope you love the music though.

I’ll talk to you in a week.

Happy Listening!


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