I’m sharing my 8th playlist with you today. It’s been 50 days, or 8 weeks, spread over 3 months; and I have been enjoying this.

Take a look at the playlist I’ve put together for you this week:  

I usually prefer to kick a playlist off with a loud or fast energetic track but I was listening to The World I Know by Collective Soul the other day and I just decided that this one would be the first. It’s such a pleasant song, so thought provoking, and something you could listen to anytime no matter what you’re feeling.

Collective SoulCollective Soul is an American Hard rock-Grunge rock band from the 90s. I’ve heard quite a few tracks by the band. Good stuff. No real reason I chose this one over the others, so you might see them again sometime in my posts.

The World I Know is a beautifully written song by lead singer and guitarist Ed Roland. It talks about the world as it is today and of survival and hope. The song is mostly positive and hopeful, but you see this hint of pensiveness and darkness in all of the verses. It’s actually a really simple song, a simple tune, not a lot of musical complexity, but it’s a really really good song and I’m sure you’ll like it.

I’ve wanted to share this track for such a long time but I’ve been writing it off for future weeks too much, so I put my foot down and said No! Haim shall make my playlist today. The song is The Wire.Haim

I think I’ll give you a little info on the band because I was pretty clueless about them as well. The band consists of three sisters (surname Haim) and Dash Hutton (not related) as the drummer. They’re American, their style is most often compared to that of Fleetwood Mac of the 60s, their music could be described as pop rock-soft rock and maybe folk.

Now I’ll tell you why I really dig this band. Those women are talented! First off, that voice is amazing. The lows on Danielle Haim’s pipes are astounding, all three sisters are proficient on more than one instrument, and I think the best part is how they stand out. I mean Haim is a defiance of stereotypes. They’re nothing at all like the typical girl-bands would be, they’re a lot of fun while they jam and at performances, and their taste in music is commendable.

Enough said, you should now listen to The Wire.

The third track this week is a happy track. It’s something I listen to when I’m in a really good mood and wanting to listen to music like Saturday In The Park by Chicago, working along side grooving and singing along.

ChicagoThere’s not a lot I can say about this song, not that I don’t know it or the band that well but it’s just that music like this is what you experience while listening to it. Like I said, for me, it makes me feel positive and more productive.

Chicago is a band that needs no introduction, no explanation. So in short, this band from the 60s made it BIG and still is one of the most successful rock groups, and one of the best selling. Their music falls into genres like soft rock, jazz, pop rock and fusion, so it’s a really good mix. The band is almost like a choir, but if you consider their musical capabilities, almost like an orchestra. 8 talented band members obviously make astoundingly good music. They’re versatile as well. As much as they have happy energetic jazzy songs, they write really good love songs, the slow typical-love-song kind. But it’s all good music in the end. So go. Enjoy Saturday In The Park.

And now I’m giving you a track very contrasting from the one you heard previously. It’s My Heartstrings Come Undone by Demon Hunter. A friend I’d shared this one with a few months back said he liked it but found it rather dark. I’ll let you be the judge for yourself however.Demon Hunter

Demon Hunter is a Christian metal band from USA, fairly new (since the 00s), formed by brothers Don Clark and Ryan Clark. This song you’re listening to is from their second album Summer of Darkness. The song also featured on the soundtrack to Resident Evil: Apocalypse. The acoustic version of this song is pretty good too.

I’ll admit I’ve not listened to anything else by Demon Hunter, so I can’t really talk much about their music, I can talk about this song that I really like though. It might be a dark, gloomy, heavy, rage-filled track, but you have to appreciate its execution. The track is so well balanced. Ryan Clark’s voice is flawless. It’s strong, steady, powerful but well in his control. The rest of the musical contribution to the song is of course distortion filled, but unlike what heavy metal generally sounds like, this one has clarity. And that bridge. The bridge on the song is what does it for me. It takes this sort of condescending tone, giving the generally heavy song a surprising melodious twist, and it lasts only a few seconds, but it’s something I rewind and listen to over and over again sometimes.

And now a really popular track, by a hugely popular artist. I’m giving you Michael Jackson with They Don’t Really Care About Us.

Michael JacksonIt’s a real pity when people who contribute so much and so well to our lives stop existing. I don’t want to sound inconsiderate but I’m not looking to get personal regarding anything I write. Most of Michael Jackson’s music that I remember watching and listening to is from before I really had a clue. What I’m trying to say is, I liked the music, but I wasn’t aware of it enough to actually appreciate it. Take this track for example. It’s such a good listen! I would listen to it over and over. It’s unique. It’s got this catchy tune to it. Not a lot of music on it in fact but that’s just the best thing. It sounds like a riot. Reminds me of well planned and executed flash mobs. That absence of a bass line is almost not noticeable until 02:11 where you finally see a melody merging and building with Michael Jackson’s very impressive expressive vocals. That burst of energy with the solo, starting at 03:00 just takes the whole song to another level.

Ignoring all the controversies surrounding the song (because they’re insignificant when you’re only concerned about good music worth listening to), this song is testament and tribute to all the talented musicians we’ve lost till date.

That’s playlist #8 for you. I think I’m getting bolder with the kind of music I’m sharing, so I hope that’s alright. Drop in a comment or write to me wrt anything you’d like to say to me at all. I’ll talk to you again in 7 days.

Happy Listening!



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