Hey people!

I think I should mention this as it’s a pretty rare event, I’m feeling unusually happy and energetic today. I’m listening to song no. 3 on today’s playlist, singing along loud and groovin’. Oh yeah!

The playlist: 

The song I decided to start this off with is a love song. Haha. Well, it’s sort of a love song. My kind. I don’t really enjoy the slow mushy “lots of feels” type of love songs. They just.. have too many feels.

The song is When It’s Love, and the artist is Van Halen.Van Halen

Van Halen really need no introduction, so I’m not going to say a lot about the band. I really love their music. Both Lee Roth and Sammy Hagar are exceptional vocalists, each in their own way. Very different styles as well which gives Van Halen this unique blend of two styles of music.

Van Halen’s love and power ballads were mostly composed while with Sammy Hagar, while Lee Roth is the more quirky energetic kind of musician, which clearly shows.

When It’s Love has lyrics that are not too great, it’s typically talking about people looking for love and stuff. But what I really like about the track is that riff, it’s so full of life and nothing like a love song should be; it works so well with this song. Van Halen executes this track brilliantly, the contrasting tones and then those major-minor key changes, the Eddie Van Halen solo which is pure brilliance.

Yeah, go experience love with Van Halen right now!

And after the loud energetic celebration of love, I’m giving you this slow waltz-like mellow track by the EELS. It’s called Beautiful Freak.

EELSI’ve heard just two tracks and I don’t really know the band too well so I’m not in a position to say much about them. I did however find out that the lead vocalist Mark Oliver Everett is a multi-instrumentalist, a musical genius, and is the son of the Physicist Hugh Everett III. The band EELS has had way too many member changes thus making Mark Everett (stage name E) the only official member for most of the band’s work.

This song Beautiful Freak, like I mentioned, is very much a waltz. Everett usually writes about stuff like loneliness, mental illness and death. This one probably talks about loneliness, mental illness, sorrow and hope? I’m not sure.

The first time I heard this, I hadn’t paid too much attention to the lyrics so it made me envision a slow perfect dance.

I hope you like it.

The Barenaked Ladies I think, should be on everybody’s playlist irrespective of the genre of music listened to. There are these few bands that are just so much fun to hear,Barenaked Ladies and mostly because you know they had just as much fun jamming or recording the songs you’re listening to. I chose this song because it’s the first Barenaked ladies song I heard. It’s called Pinch Me.

I’d heard this one on WorldSpace satellite radio and I had no clue who the artist was. I did however love the song since then. I remember finding the lyrics really funny (I was pretty young). The lyrics still amuse me though. They’re creative and sort of going nowhere, but they build the song well. It’s fun entertaining poetry really. The song and riff are really catchy too. I love the balance in the music. There isn’t too much of anything, Ed Robertson has an amazing voice! It’s so clear and I think he has a really nice accent. He captures the emotion of this song so well. I’m actually pretty sure you’ll love the song.

Ah. Gomez. I simply CANNOT tell you how much I love this song How We Operate. Every damn thing about it is so perfect and alluring. I can sometimes listen to it on loop, maybe three or four times. Everybody I’ve suggested this song to so far has been impressed by it, so I’m willing to think you will be too.

GomezA little about the band, Gomez are an English band formed in 1997. Their music is mostly Indie Rock but it’s pretty versatile and falls into genres like psychedelic, experimental, folk and blues. Their use of traditional and modern electronic instruments is very impressive. On the track How We Operate, the very evident sounds of mandolin and banjo are probably what make this song so special. It follows this slow steady pace, not rushing into anything, building up as it goes.

Gomez boasts of three singers, and the man singing this track, Ben Ottewell, has such an impressive deep and very raspy voice. Such clarity in the way he sings. His amazing flawless vocals on this song are the second most amazing thing on the track.

The song is itself really well written. The lyrics are very deep, and the music captures most perfectly the real emotion that those lyrics are supposed to portray. When I listen to How We Operate, I can feel plenty of anger and uncontained raw feeling, a bit of fear, quite a bit of sadness, and a slight hint of hope. I cannot think of a song more perfectly conveyed.

There are several other cover versions of this song. Also, How We Operate has featured on quite a few shows so maybe you’ll think “Hey, I think I’ve heard this before” when you listen to it. Well listen to it either way.

I decided to close the playlist with this really nice song from the 70s. It’s called Escape or Escape(The Pina Colada Song), and it’s by Rupert Holmes.Rupert Holmes

Rupert Holmes is a British singer-songwriter, musician and also an author. He’s most popularly known for this song that I’ve shared.

The song Escape is basically a story of a man who is bored with his relationship. It’s a pretty good story actually; well written and well sung. The music to the song is pretty simple but it’s catchy and has a really nice ring to it. Rupert Holmes is obviously a very talented man. I like his voice. It’s strong and simple. And I like this song. Like I said, it’s very well written and tells a great amusing story.

And so playlist #7 comes to a close. As always, I hope you enjoy the music I share with you; suggestions and feedback wrt. anything are always welcome. I’ll be back with another playlist in about 7 days.

Happy Listening!


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