Ahh.. The days have gone by so quickly and already, I’m writing my fifth post this week. It’s honestly very interesting for me. There’s this new-found attention I pay to the music I listen to everyday, noting down tracks I think I ought to share on the playlists.

Take a look at what I’ve picked for you this week;

I decided to start this week’s playlist off with a track by Muse- Feeling Good.

What’s very interesting about this song is the original was composed for the musical “The Roar of Musethe Greasepaint- The Smell of the Crowd” in 1964, and was sung by Cy Grant. Nina Simone’s cover of the song in 1965 though, got more popular. For a while at least. I’ve heard only two other artists’ versions of this song and I loved the one by Muse.

Matthew Bellamy has such an expressive voice! His vocal range is very impressive as well. You don’t often see singers who can perform so well on falsetto, or for that matter, make the falsetto sound nice.

‘Feeling Good’, makes you feel good! (Cheesy, I know.)

Beady EyeBeady Eye is a band formed by the former members of the globally popular band Oasis, minus Noel Gallagher. His brother Liam Gallagher took over as front man, and since, Beady Eye has released two studio albums. Today’s track- Second Bite Of The Apple is from their 2013 album, BE.

Liam Gallagher does a fairly good job as lead vocalist. His style of course is very different from his brother’s. While Noel Gallagher uses a more crude style, fully accenting and pronouncing all he sings, Liam is probably a little less expressive. But I’m not complaining. His voice blends in really well. It’s fresh.

This song Second Bite Of The Apple has a really nice tune to it. It’s noisy, but hey, that’s what we always said about Oasis too.

The first song I heard by Jeanne Cherhal was Voila. I think a lot of people have heard that one too. The one I’m sharing today is Rondes Larmes.Jeanne Cherhal

Jeanne Cherhal is one of those quirky fun female singers. I like her music. Almost all her tracks that I’ve heard so far, I’ve got hooked onto. She has a vibrant energetic voice, a really nice French accent, and good range.

Rondes Larmes is a soft soothing song. It flows. The entire song feels like a fresh stream of water, those steady arpeggios on the piano that back Jeanne Cherhal’s unwavering voice gives it a nice confident feel. I’m pretty sure you’ll like this one.

MotherjaneThis song is probably one that stands out on this week’s playlist. I’m not going to let out too much and ruin the experience for you if it’s your first time listening to an Indian band.

The band is Motherjane, and the song is Chasing The Sun.

How I heard this song was.. while still in the band my friends and I formed, a band-mate suggested I listen to this song. That was about 5 years back. I’d sort of forgotten the song then. He reminded me of it just a few days back. In fact, he suggested I add it on the playlist, and so here it is.

Chasing The Sun is brilliant. There’s a lot of element on it to scrutinize. To mention the most prominent, Mothjane captures the Hard Rock concept just perfectly well enough, while still maintaining a very evident Indian ethnicity. I simply love the balance of loud and soft. Despite the general heaviness of the song, the lyrics bring about a more mellow brooding softness. Lead vocalist Suraj Mani has a really good powerful voice, I found very little reverb on it. Actually sounds a little like Myles Kennedy from Alter Bridge. Just a wee bit. John Thomas on the drums does a brilliant job holding the entire song together. He has a brilliant sense of time signature. Those high hats throw you off a little every now and then, but it’s all executed exceptionally well.

That’s all I’m telling you right now, go ahead and enjoy the track!

I thought I’d end the playlist with a nice happy classical number- Paris In The Spring by Michel Legrand, another French musician.Michel Legrand

Paris In The Spring was actually composed in 1935 with lyrics by Mack Gordon and music by Harry Revel. But for Michel Legrand’s version on piano, I haven’t heard any other version of this song.

The piece is so jazzy and uplifting. Sounds like Springtime in the beautiful city of Paris indeed. Legrand is a brilliant musician, arranger and composer. He performed this one along side his troupe called Michel Legrand Trio.

I love the gentle uplifting tempo that the piece takes, so perfectly blending both the yester-years’ and modern sort of jazz into it. I think it’s a perfect ending to a playlist!

That brings me to the end of this week’s post so I’l leave you with these 5 songs for now. I do hope you enjoy them! Keep those responses and suggestions coming!

Happy Listening!



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