Hey there!

So it’s been 4 successful weeks of blogging music for me, and it’s all good. It feels good to share music like this.

Anyway, here’s this week’s playlist:

StereophonicsFirst song today is one I never seem to get enough of. I think I first heard Maybe Tomorrow by the Stereophonics two years back, courtesy, Absolute Radio; and this one still does rounds on my “Favourites” playlist.

Lead vocalist Kelly Jones has been described to have a “whiskey voice”. I’ll admit I wouldn’t have had a clue what “whiskey voice” was supposed to sound like, but lucky for me I heard Kelly Jones first, then came across the term. I think it’s brilliant. I love the voice. Although it does make you want to clear your throat every now and then, it still works great.

Maybe Tomorrow is one of those feel good songs for me. It doesn’t take a generally happy tone, but it’s pensive. Great when you’re reevaluating your purpose in life and reason for existence.

Go ahead and listen to the track, you’ll love it!

Maybe my emotions are just inclined to pensiveness and brooding today, I’m not sure. The The Vervesecond track I’ve picked is by The Verve and it’s called Drugs Don’t Work.

The song title pretty much gives away the general mood of the song but I wouldn’t be so quick to write it off. Drugs Don’t Work is a beautifully written track, the right balance between music and vocals, very powerful lyrics, and Richard Ashcroft’s confident voice sort of circling around sadness and hope. The song however, has ‘The Verve’ written all over it. You’ll know what I mean if you’ve heard other tracks by the band. For now though, go on, enjoy the song.

A lot of friends I’ve shared Tool with have not really enjoyed the music so I’m not really sure what it is about their music that I simply love! I’m not the type who has favourites with regard to anything, but Tool is a band I listen to the most.

ToolThe song I’ve chosen is Schism.

From a musician’s point of view, I think their music is intriguing. Also, there’s just too much going on. On the one hand, you have this drummer who is so conversant with irregular time signatures and frequent changes, on the other you have Maynard James Keenan, who I think is the most dynamic vocalist I’ve ever heard. And then there’s flawless guitar work and a steady loud bass line. In summary, so much perfection that it confuses you.

Tool’s music generally revolves around dark and obscene, the sounds vibrant, aggressive and threatening, the lyrics often telling disturbing stories. The general theme is dark and definitely not child-friendly.

Schism is a prime example of Tool’s use of complex rhythms and changing meters. The song begins with two bars of 5/4, followed by one bar of 4/4, followed by bars of alternating 5/8 and 7/8, until the first interlude, which consists of alternating bars of 6/8 and 7/8.


I’m going to be optimistic and hope you love this song!

I think the 70’s was an amazing decade for several reasons, the primary reason being the music. So much of the classic rock that I love is from the 70’s era, and the best part is all that music is still so fresh sounding and fascinating today.Heart

The band Heart is one of those 70’s bands that made a big impact, from inception, till date. Sisters Ann Wilson and Nancy WIlson are clearly the “heart” of the band, and oh so talented. Ann’s voice could bring shivers down your spine; Such power and command, there’s rarely a female voice I enjoy to the most extent and Ann’s is one of those voices.

Regarded as one of the best female vocalists in rock music history, Wilson was listed as one of the “Top Heavy Metal Vocalists of All Time” by Hit Parader magazine in 2006.

The song I’m sharing today is Barracuda. The vocal brilliance I’m talking about is clearly evident in this track. Also that galloping guitar riff you hear throughout just brings so much aggressive energy into the song, the guitar and Ann’s voice sort of complementing each other really well.

I think most people who have heard the band would say their first Radiohead song was Creep. Mine was too. And then came Karma Police, High and Dry, and so forth. I decided to share Street Spirit today. No particular reason, it’s a great song and if you haven’t heard it, you should.

RadioheadNo surprise by now, you know I listen to a lot of progressive psychedelic music. And yes, Radiohead qualifies as progressive and psychedelic rock.

The first thing about this song that captured me is the lyrics. They’re deep, just like all Radiohead song lyrics are. Thom Yorke’s voice is especially brilliant in this track, its’ gentle, soft enough to convey a certain mellow emotion, and loud enough to capture your attention in case you were drifting. The other musical attributes to the song are technically not challenging, but they’re well balanced and ultimately, you get this great track with all the mellow soothing sounds that may gently put you to sleep.

So that’s my fourth playlist for you. I know I always say this but I do hope you enjoy the song shares. Keep the suggestions and feedback coming, I love receiving all of it!

Happy listening!


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