This week’s post is out early. I’m writing this while plugged in and listening to the following playlist I’ve made. A little pointless fact; I was at song #5 while typing this sentence.

Also, I’ve picked out not 5, but 7 songs for this week. Why? Because there were just too many songs I was looking forward to sharing.

I decided to start this week’s playlist off with a nice modern alternative rock track- Incubus with Nice To Know YouIncubus

Nice To Know You was the second single from the 2001 album Morning View. I think what’s most impressive about this track is the constant time signature switch from 7/4 to 4/4. It’s pretty confusing, but brilliantly executed. That, coupled with Brandon Boyd’s Oh So Perfect powerful and expressive voice make this a track worth several listens.

Jason MrazAhh.. Jason Mraz. The man with the smooth voice and an even smoother strumming style. I’ve heard maybe 6 or 7 songs by him so far and I’ve loved each of them for different reasons. Be Honest is one that has this gentle unwinding effect on you, no matter how you choose to listen to it.

I actually love listening to Mraz on ear phones. The clarity in his voice amplified, it always feels like I’m sitting in front of him, watching him perform a song, indifferent to who’s watching. (Sure, maybe being a woman has something to do with that experience :D)

Pink Floyd is one of those bands you should have heard of and listened to no matter what genrePink Floyd of music you prefer. In my experience, they grow on you. Their music grows on you. And then you’re feeding on it for the rest of your life.

The song Welcome To The Machine, from the very popular 1975 album Wish You Were Here, is one that I grew to like, and now love.

The very unique thing about Pink Floyd’s music is their use of random noises, mostly eerie, in nearly all their tracks. And the curious thing is, at least for me, those noises are what complete the music.

Welcome To The Machine is definitely a heavy song. Heavy in terms of the effect it has on your mind. It’s not very pleasant, it leaves you disturbed no matter how many times you listen to it, but then it leaves you wanting to listen to it again. And again.

As you’ve probably figured, my brother and I share a lot of music. Our tastes are nearly the same so that helps too.

Skunk AnansieI have no idea how he came across the Brit band Skunk Anansie, but he’s the reason I know about them. This song Hedonism is probably their most popular. It’s catchy because it has this unique tune to it. It’s a brilliant tune actually, that will continue to play in your head all day long. It’s also got great lyrics.

The fifth song on this week’s playlist is one Jimmy Eat Worldthat you’ve probably heard before. I decided to add it anyway because it’s a great song.

The Middle by Jimmy Eat World, is a nicely written track, well balanced in all respects. I love the lyrics, they give the song a general positive feeling. Jim Adkins has a very impressive voice and sounds great throughout the track. I like the transition between clean and heavy through the verses and chorus. It sort of magnifies the energy in the song without actually overdoing it.

Damien RiceThere’s a lot I just found out about Damien Rice while doing my research for this post. I knew he was Irish, but didn’t know his musical background was so extensive. I also didn’t know he was an activist. He’s got quite a few campaigns and charitable projects listed under his name for which he has generously contributed. Good man.

I’ve only heard two songs by him. One of which is obviously Cannonball. But that’s not the one I’m sharing with you today. I’m sharing Lonelily.

I’ll admit I didn’t like this song for some reason the first time I heard it. But after having listened to it a few more times, I found I really dig it. That acoustic guitar sound, Rice’s very distinct voice, and the constant hum at the back of it all makes Lonelily a really nice sounding track.

The last song on today’s playlist is one by the very popular Grunge band Pearl Jam.Pearl Jam

Black is the fifth track from their debut album Ten.

It’s the first song I ever heard by Pearl Jam. I was really young and heard it so many times that I still remember its lyrics and musical direction pretty accurately.

Listening to it right now, I’m thinking, technically this song has a simple musical structure. Most of the difficulty lies in the vocals and Eddie Vedder is simply a brilliant performer. His vocal abilities are pretty accurate. He nails those emotions and tonal modulations so effortlessly, or so he makes it seem.

So that brings me to the end of this week’s post. As always, I do hope you enjoy the playlist. Do leave a comment or drop in a word through e-mail, I’d love to hear from you.

Happy listening!


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