So week 2 of music sharing with the world, and I am actually enjoying this.

The feedback I received for my first playlist from last week was very motivating. It also ups the expectation of great playlists every week so I’ll try my best here.

Here’s this week’s 5:

1The first track on today’s playlist, Save Us, is one I mistakenly thought was composed by Lenny Kravitz and featured the female artist Loane. In truth, Save Us was sung as a duet with Lenny Kravitz, and featured on Loane’s second album “Le Lendermain”.

Here’s another thing I didn’t know about Loane until I looked her up to write this piece. She’s French, has music flowing through her veins, and is a distinguished pianist.

The first time I heard Save Us, I thought it had Lenny Kravitz’ name written all over it. And if you’ve heard a lot of his music, you’d probably agree. Nonetheless, this song made my playlist this week, and first position at that, so trust me, it’s good.

I think I first heard The Fratellis on Absolute Radio. Distinct music along

2with genuinely good vocals always stands out. Plus they’re an Indie rock band from Scotland; that’s reason enough to look them up.

I’ve only heard two tracks by these guys so far, and the one featured on my playlist this week is ‘Whistle For The Choir‘; so maybe you’ll see the other in one of my future posts.

Whistle For The Choir has a nice mellow rhythm to it, coupled with good lyrics and a great voice! I think it’s a song for all seasons.

6The third song on this week’s playlist is one my brother suggested I share, and it comes from way back in 1973, from the band Golden Earring that got popular in the 60’s and still plays till date.

A song from the 60’s naturally suggests Rock&Roll, which I think Radar Love is.

It’s good. It’s catchy. It’s got everything you’re looking for if you’re a big fan of Rock&Roll and music that evolved in the 60’s.

Song 4 for today, is a favorite. I can honestly never get enough of ‘Wheels4 or The Foo Fighters for that matter. The clever mix of musical brilliance and crazy energy, the untamed vocal genius of Dave Grohl, and those crazy time signatures thrown at you all over the place; The Foo Fighters are definitely one of those bands that leave a mark on you- And it feels good.

Wheels, is actually a pleasant mix of good ol’ Country and Typical Rock, and there’s that trademark Foo Fighters thing you’ll find in generous quantities during the Chorus.

I can promise you you’ll see so much more of these guys in my future posts!


The last song on my playlist this week is by an artist who I think has the voice of an angel. Every time I hear Sarah McLachlan, her music and voice bring about this sudden sense of tranquility and calm. She has that sort of effect on me.

Adia is one such song, and it’s well written. Its overall musical simplicity brings about the clarity and beauty in McLachlan’s voice so well, you’ll have to listen to it to know what I mean.

And so until next week, I’ll leave you with this second playlist. I’d love to know what you think, so do write to me. You could also add a comment or two in the Comment Box below.

Happy Listening!


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