This being my first share, I’ve compiled 5 tracks that I believe are great for a first.


    I first heard Steve Vai in the form of ‘Tender Surrender’. The song instantly had me. Vai’s way with his guitar and his ability to communicate through it awed me.

This song, Bad Horsie, is one my brother introduced me to. From Vai’s 1995 album, Alien Love Secrets, Bad Horsie definitely takes you to a bad wild west scene.

Great road trip music this!

    Say Joan Osborne, and the first thing that comes to mind is ‘One Of Us’. But ask me, and I’ll tell you that I think One Of Us is One Of Her


    worst numbers. It’s not bad. It’s just not that good really. Listening to ‘Dracula Moon’ made me see that. The sheer talent and power in Osborne’s voice is heavily underrated in One Of Us.

So Dracula Moon made my list today because I think it deserves the popularity.


    ‘Felipecha’ is a French duo, a man and a woman, whose music dominates my household.

I’ll admit I don’t know a lot about them, but out of all their music I’ve listened to, I cannot choose a favorite. They’re all so distinctly good.

I chose Un Petit Peu D’air for no apparent reason. I can assure you you’ll see much of them in my future posts!

    ‘Somewhere Over The Rainbow’ probably feels like childhood to everybody. I myself recall having first heard it when young. But that was Judy Garland’s version, and no offense to her, she did a wonderful job with the song, but that version got old.

images (1)

I recently came across this deceased Hawaiian musician Israel Kamakawiwo’ole while tuned in to Jango Radio, and I loved his rendition of the song. It’s so teasingly simple, yet frustratingly appealing to anyone’s senses! The song is a medley comprising two hugely popular tunes, ‘Somewhere Over The Rainbow’/’What A Wonderful World’.

I’m pretty sure you’ll love this one!


    Being a pianist myself, I always thought I was a Beethoven person. Turns out I was wrong. I, happen to be a Frank Liszt person.

The complexity and dark emotion in all his music is simply astounding and exquisitely beautiful.

I found La Campanella quite recently, while searching for music a friend of mine might most probably not have heard. It did the job with him. He loved it. I’m hoping it does that for you too.

There it is. My first musical share with you. So until next time, I do hope you enjoy this playlist. I would love feedback of any sort.

Happy listening!


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